Kid A Radiohead

News for August 8, 2000

Kid A on Napster? No.

Last night on Napster the entire album appeared through a few users. All the correct songs, all the correct track #’s, even the hidden track at the end…. except it was a clever hoax. “Treefingers” was among the most ingenious creations, obviously the hoaxers own inpromptu jam on his mic and bongos that spanned an entire 9 minutes! This clever trick had a good number of us scrambling to download as fast as we possibly could – all to find we’d been had!

[thanks to Aaron]


News for July 26, 2000

Napster Shut Down!

OK, this is not Radiohead-related but this will affect you in some way. Today a San Francisco court granted an injunction barring Napster from providing the service of allowing millions of music fans from trading mp3 files online. As of this Friday, you will not be able to sign on to Napster and share your mp3’s.

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