OK Computer Radiohead

Rock Fisticuffs: Nirvana vs. Radiohead

okc_vs_nevermind.jpg is having a discussion about which album is more “influential and essential” from the 1990s. Is it Nirvana’s Nevermind or OK Computer from some band called Radiohead. I think you know where we stand.

“Both changed the face of music and gave fans tired of the old “Beatles vs. Rolling Stones” debate something new to nerd out about. Everyone, it seems, has a preference, and some would say that the band you prefer is a reflection of the kind of person you are.”

Go check out the discussion and make sure to read the comments. Our favorite is from “wigga with no aptitude”: “Both of those albums are untouchable… it’s like asking me which testicle do I want to keep… I WANT TO KEEP BOTH OF MY NUTS DAMMIT!… and I love OK Computer and Nevermind just as equally.”