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Radiohead news roundup

Print Release by Sebastian Edge , North London Darkroom from North London Darkroom on Vimeo.

There’s a lot of things happening in Radioheadland and we’re here to catch you up on everything.

  • The band will be taking their tour to Australia and New Zealand this November. The last time they were in New Zealand was 14 years ago! Tickets go on sale this Thursday.
  • Photographer Sebastian Edge is selling prints of the shot he took of Radiohead a year ago for The King of Limbs launch. He is planning to sell a limited edition leather bound print of the picture he took that day. Money raised from the sales of the ltd print will go to fund the North London Darkroom.The print is a contact print from the original wet plate negative, shot of the band Radiohead on the 14th February 2011. Using the finest quality Fiber based papers, and toned in a bath of increase the archival nature of the print.It comes bound in a North London Darkroom, black hand made archival print folio, bearing the north London Darkroom stamp on the front and great care has been taken to ensure that each print will last for years, and reflect the love of the material and photograph. The folder passes museum standard photo activity tests to ensure the longevity of the print it houses. Head on over to North London Darkroom and their Facebook page for more info.
Ed O'Brien Phil Selway

Ed and Phil to perform with Neil Finn

Neil FinnOld news, we know:

GP reader Simeon sent us the following:

Amazing musicians coming together in 3 New Zealand concerts including Radiohead members (from Concerts are 5, 6 and 7 January at The Powerstation in Auckland. Post if your interested:

Neil Finn announces new Seven Worlds Collide project
Music icon and Crowded House frontman Neil Finn has today announced a follow up to the acclaimed Seven Worlds Collide project, and together with members of the original lineup and other artists, he will record an album of entirely new material in support of Oxfam.

“Seven years ago I invited a few friends and fellow musicians to do a special series of concerts in New Zealand under the banner Seven Worlds Collide. The concerts were an amazing experience for all of us and we are delighted to have found an opportunity to gather again, this time to expand the concept and the lineup too,” said Finn. “What will make these sessions particularly meaningful is that all the proceeds of this recording will go to support the continuing great work of Oxfam International.”

Taking part from the original Seven Worlds Collide lineup will be Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien and Phil Selway, guitar supremo Johnny Marr founder of The Smiths and current member of US alternative rock innovators Modest Mouse, Soul Coughing bassist Sebastian Steinberg, songwriter and violinist Lisa Germano, and Liam Finn. Other artists joining the project include Jeff Tweedy, John Stirrat, Glenn Kotche and Pat Sansone from Wilco, and New Zealand songwriters Bic Runga and Don McGlashan. Behind the mixing desk will be master recording engineer Jim Scott. More names will be added to the lineup in the coming weeks.

“We are honoured to be working with Neil and so many other talented and committed artists on this project, many of whom have supported Oxfam over a number of years,” said Oxfam New Zealand Executive Director Barry Coates. “At a time when the number of people living in extreme poverty is growing, funds generated from this project will be urgently directed to those in need, providing opportunities and hope for a better future.”

The album will be recorded over the next few months in Auckland’s Roundhead Studios and is due for release in 2009.

Like its predecessor, the project will also see a series of concerts featuring many of the artists included in the lineup. The shows will take place in Auckland early in the New Year. Details will be announced soon.

“Everyone is really excited about coming together again with a few new faces and extending the magic we created with Seven Worlds the first time round,” added Finn. “With such an amazing group of people, I’m excited about the music we’ll be making.”

Amnesiac Radiohead tour

More on Green Party rally in Chicago

We received the following email from Clint Hendler (Rally Cooridinator for the Campus Greens Super Rally to be held in Chicago on August 10) after posting the July 14 story about Radiohead being invited:

I thought that you might appreciate an update on Radiohead’s possible appearance at the Campus Greens Super Rally for Radical Change.

As you know, Radiohead openly endorsed Ralph Nader’s 2000 Green Presidential Campaign. Radiohead was invited to several Super Rallies–stadium sized political events that attracted over 10,000 people a piece–but the band was always unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts, most of which had to do with the concurrent release of ‘Kid A.’

Many astute fans may remember how at the end of their ‘Kid A’ Saturday Night Live appearance Thom Yorke held up a sign that read “Let Ralph Debate!” That sign was a reference to Ralph Nader’s exclusion from the fall’s presidential debates.

Radiohead’s music often reveals their politics, and their politics have much in common with the Green Party’s. Shared concerns include the increased corporatization of the world, the environmental and social hazards of a car based society, slick politicians, and the undue power of global entities like the WTO and the IMF.

We invited Radiohead because we wanted them to share a stage with those who shared their views. Radiohead has not yet accepted our invitation, but they have also not yet rejected it. They are available the night of our rally, August 10th, and are going to be in the midwest. These facts give us hope.

As a special note, greenplastic’s mention of The Campus Greens Super Rally for Radical change netted us more browser hits than any other website in this month. And the news item has only been on the site for five days! I would like to extend a special invitation to Chicago area Radiohead fans to attend our Rally, whether the band makes it or not. It will be a great opportunity to learn about a new political movement that is exciting both the band and the nation.

For more information about the Campus Greens, click here.

Speaking of Chicago
Delilah’s (located at 2771 North Lincoln Avenue in Chicago) will be doing a “Radiohead Night” this Saturday, July 28 from 9pm to 3am. It is for fans 21 and older. No cover charge! {thanks to Tony}

Berlin Radio 1
Berlin’s Radio 1 is transmitting last year’s Radiohead Show (04.07.00) on the 31st of July from 11pm to 1 am (CET). You can also listen to it via Internet. The URL of their live-stream is: {thanks to a href=””>www.meetingpeopleiseasy.deEric}

Radiohead featured on cover of Alternative Press

Radiohead will be gracing the cover of the September 2001 issue of Alternative Press. {thanks to Matt}

New Zealand
TV2 in New Zealand will be showing Radiohead – Live in Paris on Sunday night (29th July) at 11pm. Also, Radiohead will be on a radio program called ‘The Mix’, at 11.06 pm on friday night on National Radio.
{thanks to Marcel}

OK Computer Phil Selway Radiohead tour

News for February 5, 1998

there are two radiohead home videos in the works. the first one, entitled “Meeting People is Easy”, was shot by Grant Gee and will be released sometime in the late summer/ early fall. the video will primarily be behind the scenes tour footage and interviews.

the other home video will be released on march 24 by Parlophone in the UK only. it will include videos for Paranoid Android, Street Spirit, No Surprises, Just, Karma Police, Fake Plastic Trees, and High & Dry. a CD will also be included containing No Surprises, Meeting in the Aisle, Polyethylene Pts 1 & 2, A Reminder, and Pearly*. No word on a U.S. release.

phil recently said that the band are interested in recording their next album in New Zealand, at a studio in Karekare beach where Crowded House recorded their final album, “Together Alone”. Selway told the New Zealand Press Association during the band’s recent visit, “we’ve been looking at studios to record the next record in, and when we were in Auckland we went out to Karekare to look at one. it’s the same one that Crowded House used. it’s such and amazing place.”

don’t start jumping up an down yet for the new album. the band has stated that they will be taking off 6 months before recording.

OK Computer Radiohead tour

News for December 14, 1997

i have been told that the january 28 gig in auckland, new zealand, has been changed to january 29. adjust your dayplanners accordingly.

GP Jonny Greenwood OK Computer Radiohead tour

News for December 13, 1997

well, the tour dates for the australian tour have finally been announced. doesn’t mean much to me for i live on the other side of the world. oh well, here they are anyway:

tuesday january 27, 1997- wellington, new zealand
wednesday january 28, 1997- auckland, new zealand
sunday february 1- melbourne, australia
wednesday february 4- sydney, australia
friday february 6- brisbane, australia
sunday february 8- adelaide, australia
tuesday february 10- perth, australia

tickets for these dates will go on sale december 15 through ticketmaster.

jonny greenwood has reportedly been recording some material with tori amos in england recently, probably for her new album coming out this spring. more info on this when it is made available.

the b-sides for the next UK single, No Surprises, are:
CD1 No Surprises, Palo Alto, How I Made My Millions
CD2 No Surprises, Airbag (live from huxley’s, berlin 11/03/97), Lucky (live)
7″ No Surprises, Palo Alto
No Surprises will be released in the UK on january 12, 1998

hey, puff daddy loves radiohead. is that good? will he be in the next video? read the new rolling stone magazine for puffy’s love for complaint rock and a nice feature with thom.

if you live in france, then you can get the new Lucky single with the b-sides Meeting in the Aisle and Climbing Up the Walls (fila brazilla mix)
the video for No Surprises has been shot and will hopefully get aired in the UK during christmas.

if prodigy can show full frontal nudity on MTV USA with their video Smack My Bitch Up, why did MTV blur radiohead’s animated breasts in the video for Paranoid Android? sheeesh

Spin Magazine has named our boys “Band of the Year.” they would of had “Artist of the Year” and a cover picture but Spin decided to choose an artist who only lived in 1997 for 2 months.

hey, this page was featured on MTV UK’s “Up For It” program.

don’t forget to watch radiohead perform this friday on MTV’s Live at the 10 Spot. they’ll get 90 minutes to play so get your vcrs ready, it looks like daddy’s gonna stay in on friday night.