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Regina Spektor covers “No Surprises”

Regina Spektor No Surprises

Regina Spektor has released a cover of Radiohead’s “No Surprises” which you can purchase on iTunes. All proceeds will go to the Doctors Without Borders Emergency Relief Fund to help victims of the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile.

Here’s a streamable version for you to listen to:

To purchase the track, head on over to iTunes.


Children’s choir sings “No Surprises”

For your Friday enjoyment:

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OK Computer Radiohead Thom Yorke tour


Radiohead will play tonight in Houston.

London radio station 104.9 XFM will be broadcasting the July 7 Radiohead Oxford show starting at 5pm. For those who can’t get the station you can listen to it on the Website. {thanks to Karin}

Thom is on the cover of the July issue of Rolling Stone in Australia. {thanks to Ivana}

You can hear a clip of the Luka Bloom cover of “No Surprises” here. Here are some comments made by Bloom:

“People ask me if I have heard their new CD. I heard a few pieces on the radio and I’m not really interested. I respect the decisions and choices made by every artist, and whether or not I like the result is irrelevant. I just like songs. I think Thom Yorke is a magnificent writer. He has written some brilliant songs and Radiohead is a great band. No Surprises is a very beautiful, very sad song. It was not easy to catch the power acoustically. Thom Yorke sings it in a very intense way and I felt it was a real challenge to achieve that same feeling using just the acoustic guitar. But I like such a challenge. Records these days are so full of production gadgets that you have to listen many times to hear the good songs. I wanted to see if I could turn a Radiohead song into a Luka Bloom song.”

{thanks to Gerry}

Tickets for the September 11 show in Berlin can be bought at or {thanks to Bj?rn}

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News for January 6, 2000

And the polls go on and on…

The Music Factory, a popular music channel in Holland, has Radiohead listed in their Millennium Top 1000:

“Paranoid Android” (#851), “No Surprises” (#647), “Karma Police” (#188), “Street Spirit” (#121), and “Creep” (#85). [thanks to Jos]

Meanwhile, over in Germany…
The German music channel, Viva-zwei, had “Paranoid Android” listed at #7 in their “best rock songs of the last 2000 years.” [thanks to Kersten]

The official Radiohead website was updated again recently. Colin’s page was updated. Don’t really know what else was included in the update!

The band are still on their holiday break and will return to work on Monday.

OK Computer Radiohead The Bends

News for January 5, 2000

Well, a new year! Just think, I can now say that the new album will be released this year! OK, enough!

The Grammy nominees were announced yesterday and Radiohead has been nominated for their tour documentary, Meeting People is Easy. The film is nominated for the Best Long Form Music Video award. Other nominees include:

Don’t Stop (Gloria Estefan), The Making of “Ride With Bob” (Asleep at the Wheel), Band of Gypsys – Live at the Fillmore East (Jimi Hendrix), and Popmart – Live From Mexico City (U2).

You can catch the Grammy Awards this February 23, 2000. The complete list of nominees is listed here.

And now for the polls… recently featured their “Best of the Millennium” poll and Radiohead’s OK Computer came in at #20.
French monthly mag Rock & Folk has their “Ideal Record Collection of the Century.” OK Computer, along with other released albums, were chosen for the best of 1997. [thanks Xavier]
Canada’s music channel, MuchMusic, has Radiohead’s “Just” #12 in their top 100 videos of the century. [thanks Michael]
MTV Asia has four Radiohead videos in their top 200 list: “Just” (#94), “Fake Plastic Trees” (#84), “Street Spirit” (#52), “Paranoid Android” (#40), “Karma Police” (#34), and “No Surprises” (#4). [thanks to Dave]

And finally, the Jubilee 2000 Coalition has recently put out the “People’s Millennium Write-down Book,” a book in which people can write down their feelings about debt in the third world. Thom, who supports Jubilee 2000, wrote this in the book:

ÏAAAAAAARGH Dinosaurs are roaming the earth. Stop them before they destroy us all !!!!! Please realise we the population of this planet are very concerned about the faceless unaccountable forces now ruling the planet like giant cranes roaming the earth kalasnikovs in hand killing indiscriminately. Please help us… thank you.”

You too can sign the book and show your support for this important organization. There are many locations throughout the UK in which you can sign it. Go here for the locations. You can also sign it online here.

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News for January 19, 1998

no surprises went to number 4 in the UK charts.

the michael stipe produced movie, Velvet Goldmine, which features radiohead on the soundtrack, will be premiered this april at the Cannes Film Festival. the world-wide release will be in june. if haven’t heard about this movie, it stars Ewan McGregor (trainspotting) and is loosely based on David Bowie and Iggy Pop. sort of a glam rock thing, if you will. the soundtrack will include a super band composed of thom and jonny with some others:

vocals: thom yorke, jonathan rhys myers
guitars: jonny greenwood, bernard buttler (suede), brian from placebo
bass: steffan from placebo
drums: drummer from placebo

the band will be playing such hits as 2HB, Ladytron, Bittersweet, and Baby’s on Fire. the soundtrack will be released in may.

the radiohead mailing list seems to be down. anyone know why?