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Jeanne Loriod

The Baltimore City Paper has an article up about Jeanne Loriod, who died last August at the age of 73. Loriod is remembered as a master at of the ondes Martenot, the same instrument (an electronic keyboard that features a ring that slides on a string) that Jonny Greenwood could be seen playing on songs like “How to Disappear Completely” and “The National Anthem.”

You may or may not know that Loriod and Greenwood were in contact with each other and were even planning a collaboration of some sort.
Jonny spoke about Loriod in an article that appeared in the New Yorker last August:

Jonny is fascinated by Olivier Messiaen, the late French composer; it is because of Messiaen that he became interested in the ondes martenot, which is featured in many of the composer’s works. “I heard the ‘Turangalîla Symphony’ when I was fifteen,” Jonny went on, “and I became round-the-bend obsessed with it. I wish I could have met him or shaken his hand. I did get to meet his sister-in-law, the ondeiste Jeanne Loriod. I’m learning Messiaen’s ‘Trois Petites Liturgies’ for a performance in London.”

To read the full Baltimore City Paper article about Jeanne Loriod, click here.
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