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Olympic Panel Unveils New TV Ads

Here’s some more info about Radiohead giving the Olympics the right to use “I Might Be Wrong” in some of the television ads:

Trying to appeal to MTV viewers and focus on the athletes, the IOC unveiled a new ad campaign Monday to get people ready to watch the Salt Lake Winter Olympics.

Under the banner “Celebrate Humanity,” the eight spots featured narration by Robin Williams and background music by artists including Bob Marley, Radiohead and Daft Punk.

The spots are intended to run as public-service information, not paid advertising.

Two of the ads, full of action shots of snowboarders and freestyle skiers, are aimed at the youth market, said Dick Pound, the International Olympic Committee’s marketing chief. Read the rest of the story…

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Olympic anthem, Terry Gilliam

There is an article at about how Radiohead has been asked to pen the 2002 Olympic anthem. Here’s a bit:

Says Yorke: “We’re tempted, but there’s so much sponsorship and advertising involved, and I don’t want Radiohead associated with some cigarette brand that sponsors the Olympics.”

In the same interview Yorke says the dream soundtrack he would have loved to do would be for Terry Gilliam’s surreal classic, Brazil: “I would get down on my knees and beg Terry Gilliam to let us do the soundtrack to that movie.”

You can read the rest of the article here. {thanks to Nico}

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“Scott Tenorman Must Die.”

Radiohead will be making an appearance on the Comedy Central animated show South Park on July 11, 2001. Here’s the details from Comedy Central:

Wednesday, July 11 at 10:00 p.m., world-renowned RADIOHEAD will make a special guest appearance on “South Park.” The band will play a vital role in Cartman’s plot for revenge against an offensive eighth grader in the show entitled, “Scott Tenorman Must Die.”

In “Scott Tenorman Must Die,” Cartman gets pubic hair. But Cartman doesn’t get just any pubes; he buys some from one of the older kids at South Park Elementary, Scott Tenorman. Cartman wants to show the other boys that he can be the first kid in the fourth grade with this mark of manliness, until everyone tells him that pubes don’t count unless he grows his own. Cartman seeks wicked revenge on Scott Tenorman when he won’t give him his money back.

Should be very interesting…

In more surprising news, Radiohead will be letting the International Olympic Committee use “I Might Be Wrong” for some TV spots during the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympic Games in February. Here’s a snippet from an article at

“It’s not a money thing,” guitarist Ed O’Brien explained. “We don’t do adverts for socks or aftershave. The Olympic committee is a charitable organization. That’s why we’re doing it. If it’s sponsored by MasterCard, we’re not interested. But it’s advertising the spirit of the games.”

Read the rest…
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