Radiohead tour

Oxegen 07, T in the Park, & Bonnaroo

The lineup for Oxegen 07 was announced and there is no mention of Radiohead.

Radiohead was rumored to be playing this festival but of course, that was just a rumor. There is some speculation that they may still headline Sunday night. Who knows.

While the chances of Radiohead playing Oxegen are now slimmer than before, we can still look to the T in the Park festival.

Though nothing has been announced officially about the band being there, we continue to get word that it should happen.

How about Bonnaroo? After last year’s awesome (and lengthy performace) by Radiohead at the Manchester, Tennessee festival, many people have asked us if they will be back this year. Nope. It’s not going to happen folks. Sorry. Our guess is that the timing is just bad. You do want them to finish the new album, right?

Speaking of the new album… we should hopefully have some updates for you soon on this, as well as the tour, soon.

Radiohead tour

Radiohead to play some festivals this Summer?

According to the NME, Radiohead is rumored to be playing the T in the Park (Scotland) festival as well as the Oxegen Festival (Ireland). We’ll wait and see…

(thanks to Joe)