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Radiohead to cover Peter Gabriel’s “Wallflower”

Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel

Around the 13:20 mark of his latest podcast, Peter Gabriel reveals that Radiohead will be covering his 1982 song “Wallflower” as part of a song exchange for his forthcoming covers album. He, in return, will be covering “Street Spirit.”

“Thom… want to do a version of ‘Wallflower, which I’m very curious to hear. I think it was an important track for him when he was 14,” Gabriel explained. “So, that will be a treat also for next year.”

Released on the Gabriel’s 1982 self-titled fourth studio album, “Wallflower” was inspired by Human Rights issues in South America, namely torture in Chile. Gabriel didn’t give any indication when or where Radiohead’s cover will be available, but did use the podcast to offer a brief version of his own rendition of “Street Spirit”. (The podcast is posted below; that part is toward the end).

Gabriel’s 3rd Scratch My Back podcast

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Kid A Radiohead

Celebs who love RH

On Carson Daly’s “Last Call” last night (Oct. 4), Peter Gabriel was on promoting his new album Up. Carson Daly asked the following:

Carson Daly – “Is there anything just sort of currently that might, I don’t know, move you or inspire you musically of stuff that’s out there right now?”

Peter Gabriel – “I don’t know, I mean, for me when I saw Radiohead’s Kid A at number one that was a big thrill because it was the most experimental record I’ve seen at number one in this country, that I can remember. So that’s one of those things. I mean there’s a lot of interesting stuff, we have a band, just been at the studio (real world studios, peter gabriels studios) called Sigur Ros, that I think are very good and I listen to a lot of the world music stuff, so that keeps me fascinated.”

In other “celebrities who love Radiohead” news, NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake mentioned his admiration of Radiohead, calling them the “modern-day Beatles”, in an interview with MTV. We’ll save you from having to read the full interview:

I don’t know if people will get this, but the way I treated my vocals in the verse of ‘Take It From Here’ was like [Radiohead’s] Thom Yorke or [Coldplay’s] Chris Martin,” he added. “To me, Radiohead and Coldplay are the modern-day Beatles. I would love to do a duet with Chris Martin someday. That would just be something so original, and I know I could pull it off. It may not happen, but it doesn’t hurt to put it out there.”

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