Pink Floyd on Radiohead

David Gilmour of Pink Floyd had this to say about Radiohead in a recent interview with

“When people say they hear Pink Floyd in a group like Radiohead, I don’t really see it,” he says. “It must be a burden for those poor boys being referred to as the next Pink Floyd — they deserve to be their own Radiohead. I think we’ve always stood out in our own category. I wasn’t a big fan of most of what you’d call progressive rock. I’m like Groucho Marx: I don’t want to belong to any club that would have me for a member. We’ve always plowed our own lonely furrow. Well, not so lonely, really,” he admits with a laugh. “It’s been well worthwhile.”

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Radiohead tour

News for March 17, 2000

More Radiohead Dates?

Please take into consideration that this is all unconfirmed by Radiohead and their management.

You can apparently order tickets for two Radiohead shows in Berlin on July 3 and 4, 2000, by going to (just type in “Radiohead” at the search engine at the top).Nothing has been announced officially. Be on the lookout for more European dates to pop up over the next few weeks. (thanks to Jan)

In other tour news, an unconfirmed source is claiming that Radiohead will be taking part in the Roskilde Festival, June 29 – July 2, 2000, in Denmark. We are still waiting confirmation so don’t go all crazy yet!

Radiohead Mentioned in Chats
Radiohead was mentioned in two chats earlier this week with David Gilmour and Roger Waters, both used to be in Pink Floyd. Here’s the excerpts:

MSNLive: People have compared Pink Floyd to Radiohead and Bush and Manson and others – are there any bands that you think carry on your tradition?
David Gilmour: I think some of those bands are creating their own tradition. I think Radiohead are great but I don’t think they need us, for their own path.
MSN Live
“Roy Harper” whispers to MSNLive: How do you feel about the comparisons Radiohead draw with Pink Floyd? also: “MR Jones” whispers to MSNLive: Radiohead has been compared frequently to Pink Floyd. What do you think of their music?
Mr. Roger Waters: I don’t know Radiohead’s work because I don’t listen that much to other people but people tell me they are a great band.