Amnesiac Kid A Radiohead tour

Check out reviews

Check out reviews of last night’s show in Colorado at MTV and The Rocky Mountain News. {thanks to Justin, Cope, and Ryan}

There more fan reviews of the show here.

The issue of Rolling Stone with Radiohead on the cover has apparently been pushed back to July 13.

There is an interview with Eugenia Debayle, label manager for EMI Mexico, about the possibility of Radiohead playing in Mexico. Read it here. {thanks to Jaime}

There is a review of the Houston show from a local paper in Monterrey, Mexico here. {thanks to Jaime}

This weeks ‘Ticket magazine’ with the Irish Times, features an interview with founder of the Velvet Undergrond, John Cale. When asked about experimentation in music today he spoke of Radiohead’s new work saying:

“I had a good laugh when I heard Kid A & Amnesiac – for the right reasons. It’s great what they’ve done, I just wish I could have seen a response from the record company. But that’s what rock ‘n roll is all about. I laud their sense of willfulness. It’s better than going out & burning cars isn’t it? I think what Radiohead is doing will work for them. Why wouldn’t it. People love heroisim.”

{thanks to Damien}

Radiohead tour

Red Rocks Setlist

You can check out the setlist and review of last night’s show at Red Rocks here.

Amnesiac Radiohead Thom Yorke tour

Red Rocks

Radiohead will perform tonight at Red Rocks in Colorado.

Rolling Stone and The Houston Chronicle both have favorable reviews of the Houston show the other night. {thanks to Chris}

Thom is on the cover of Chart Magazine.

There is a very interesting Call for Papers for an academic essay collection on Radiohead. {thanks to Jody}

The Stranger, a local paper in Seattle, has a review of Amnesiac up. {thanks to Jody}