Radiohead Thom Yorke

Thom #6

Q Magazine has named Thom Yorke the sixth most powerful person in the music industry.

The top 10 are Bono; Doug Morris, chairman and chief executive officer, Universal Music Group; Eminem; L. Lowry Mays, founder of U.S. entertainment firm Clear Channel; Kurt Cobain; Thom Yorke; Lyor Cohen, president and chief executive officer, Island-Def Jam; Clive Calder, head of Zomba Music Group; Paul McCartney-Yoko Ono, Apple Corps. Ltd.; and Simon Fuller, former manager of the Spice Girls.

The magazine will publish the full list of the 50 most powerful people in music in its November issue.

Also, Details magazine recently named Thom #32 in their “Most Influential Men Under 37” list.

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Rolling Stone

Well, apparently the Rolling Stone issue with RH on the cover has already been released! The earlier report about the issue not hitting stands until August 2 came from Capitol Records and is obviously wrong. {thanks to Mortigi’s own username for the scan}