Kid A Radiohead

Sasha on RH

Sasha recently spoke about Radiohead in an recent interview with Remix magazine. Here’s a part of the interview:

“I think the challenge for the next record will be to do some four-to-the-floor music that has the kind of instrumentation and melodies that the breaks tracks have. I’m going to try playing around with some ideas. The Orb used to make interesting four-to-the-floor records, but at 115 bpm. Isol’e’s “Beau Mot Plage” [Playhouse, 1999] was quite influential when we were putting together parts of this album. Charlie and I loved that record. [Radiohead’s] Kid A dropped on our doorstep in the middle of when we were writing for this record. That was quite influential, too. A lot of the sounds used on Kid A were similar to what we had been playing around with. Sonically, we were on the same path as Radiohead. Kid A is more sound-based and thematic, and I like it much better than Amnesiac, which is more song-based.”

Read the full interview here.
(thanks to Matty)