Amnesiac Radiohead Stanley Donwood

Stanley’s New Book

Go here to see some illustrations from Stanley Donwood’s new book. Creepy!

Shynola, the group that directed the “Pyramid Song” video, has some downloads, including a “Pyramid Song” screen saver, for you at their site.

Kid A Radiohead

News for August 10, 2000

Kid A – Song by Song

Can we say jealous? The fine folks over at the French fan site ne pas a.v.a.l.e.r. got to listen to the new Kid A album and has written a nice recap featuring descriptions of each song! They also confirm our report of the cover, which features a mountain with a black sky and red clouds. It is also mentioned that the cover inside the jewell case is sixteen pages and will fold out into one line.

Click here to read it in French or click here for the English version.


It looks as if the people behind Shynola will be taking on the illustrious task of making a video for Radiohead. It was revealed on “Mirrorball”, a show airing on the UK Channel Four, that the group, who has previously done work for such acts as UNKLE and Grooverider, will be taking on the video project or projects for Radiohead. Shynola is known for their computer animated videos, including the amazing “Guns Blazing” video for UNKLE. You can view that video in Quicktimehere.

The members of Shynola (Gideon Baws, Jason Groves, Chris Harding and Richard Kenworthy) told “Mirrorball” that working with Radiohead was a “dream project”.

[thanks to Matt]