South Park

South Park in the UK

by Jonathan on February 23, 2002

For Radiohead fans in the UK, check out Sky One tonight at 10pm when they will air the South Park episode featuring Radiohead.

{thanks to Rob}

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South Park rerun

by Jonathan on January 8, 2002

The episode of South Park that originally aired last July featuring Radiohead will re-air tomorrow night (Wednesday) on Comedy Central (USA) at 10 ET/9 CT.
{thanks to Bill & Paul}

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South Park in Australia

by Jonathan on November 22, 2001

The episode of South Park that featured Radiohead will air in Australia on December 3, 2001 on SBS.
{thanks to jamie}

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Charity Begins At Home For Radiohead

by Jonathan on September 13, 2001

From NME:

Radiohead have donated 7,500 to help refugees and asylum seekers in their hometown of Oxford. Oxford-based charity, Asylum Welcome, from the proceeds of their massive gig in the town’s South Park earlier in the year (July 7).

Speaking about the donation, Asylum Welcome chairman Sam Clarke said: “We are grateful to Radiohead and all their fans who made this donation possible. People held in detention don’t know why they are there nor how long they will be locked up for. Providing this sort of link with the community will make life better for a lot of asylum seekers.”

Radiohead’s manager Julie Calland added: “Radiohead are delighted to be able to help by donating some of the proceeds from their Oxford performance. Like many, they are shocked at the way asylum seekers are treated on their arrival into Britain. As media interest grows, this must be an especially difficult time for both asylum seekers and the visitors from Asylum Welcome. We wish all of them the very best of luck.”

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South Park T-Shirts

by Jonathan on July 17, 2001

w.a.s.t.e. is now selling the t-shirts that were sold during the July 7 South Park show in Oxford. The shirts, which also incorporate the animated South Park TV series in them, can be bought Online at w.a.s.t.e. Proceeds will go to various charities. {thanks to Trollok}

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Can’t FTP?

by Jonathan on July 12, 2001

If you’re having problems getting in to the FTP server with the South Park episode on it then you’ll be excited to learn that you can download the full episode with Radiohead at South Park Germany. Apparently Radiohead fans have been flooding that site! {thanks to Chris at SPGermany}

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