In Rainbows Radiohead tour

Spin’s Radiohead Tour Blog

Spin has a cool tour blog that has been following Radiohead since Vancouver. They are posting up videos, show notes, and setlists live from the concerts, all from a mobile phone.

Pretty cool.


Best Live Act

In the January 2002 issue of Spin, Radiohead were named “Best Live Act.” Here’s the article:

Radiohead mean different things to different people. But to the American record- buying public, Radiohead still means ace Anglo guitar bombast and choked-up balladry, not synthesizer loops and drum machines. So while Radiohead the “band”? spent most of early 2001 doing whatever the hell they wanted, Radiohead the “sound” struggled on without them. Americans a little tired of Kid A-ing around, discovered a shelf full of alternatives. Among the bands willing to be Radiohead because Radiohead didn’t want to be Radiohead anymore were:

Travis (Radiohead but nice), Coldplay (Radiohead but sincere),? Doves (Radiohead but vaguely funky), Muse (Radiohead but not that good), David Gray (Radiohead for your mom), and Clinic (Radiohead for Radiohead). At the dawn of summer, with the new Radiohead album Amnesiac selling well though puzzling fans further, the situation seemed irreversible. But soon, all that changed. An anxious nations concerns were washed away nightly during Radioheads triumphant late summer tour of arenas and rave-like venues. Icy swaths of synths gave way to Jonny Greenwood’s roaring guitar and brother Colin’s rollicking bass. Newer songs particularly the frantic “Idioteque”? and the blistering bottom heavy “The National Anthem”, rocked like classic Radiohead. At New York City’s Madison Square Garden in August, as the pulsing final notes of “Everything In It’s Right Place”? receded all “halteration” (as Mary J. would say) was extinguished along with the last cigarette lighters. The name of the band’s late- 2001 mini live album-I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings- seemed apt. So, rock ‘n’ roll duly saved, and principles intact, Radiohead the “band” jetted off to Bilbao to play with their Moogs.

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Kid A Radiohead

News for August 29, 2000

Death Bear

Another Media Blip has been sent out. This time it’s the Death Bear! It features a sound clip of “Motion Picture Soundtrack”.

View it by clicking this link.

You will need the latest version of Apple Quicktime to view these.

Kid A reviewed in Spin

The new issue of Spin magazine came out yesterday with a review of Kid A in it. The magazine gave it a 9 out of 10. Radiohead may be on the cover next month.

Congrats to GP friend Sarah for being voted Radiohead Fan #1 by Spin!!!


Newsweek mentions Kid A

In Newsweek’s Fall Arts Preview, the mentioned Radiohead and Kid A. Here’s the blurb:

“Kid A” is the year’s most highly anticipated underground pop album. Enigmatic, arty, and brooding enough to be 2000’s answer to “The Wall,” it’s a sure winner for the “Lie in Bed, Stare at the Ceiling, Contemplate Life” album award.

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Kid A Playback in NYC

Apparently there will be a playback of Kid A at the Sony IMAX theater at Sony Lincoln Square (68th and Broadway) in New York City next Tuesday, September 5. The playback is for media and retail only, but we’ve been told that there will be playbacks for the public soon in selected cities across the US. Once anything is known, it’ll be here!

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One of the grandaddies of all RH fansites, Lift, has had it’s first update in over a year! We’re glad to see it up again. Lift has played a huge role in inspiring others (including myself) to build and maintain a fan site.

Colin Greenwood OK Computer Radiohead

News for April 15, 1998


You can read the interview with Colin in the current issue of Spin by clicking here.

“2012 – to commemorate the 15th anniversary of OKC, radiohead releases a deluxe 4cd boxset documenting the okc sessions. among the highlights is the original, unedited 67 minute version of paranoid android which takes up most of disc two.” Hee hee. This is an excerpt from the magazine EYE. You can read the whole article (which is pretty humorous) by clicking here.


News for April 13, 1998

In the current issue of Spin magazine, Radiohead is listed as the second most vital artist or band in rock today. Beck is number 1.