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Radiohead’s “House of Cards” used in NBA commerical

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OK Computer Radiohead

Radiohead and ESPN

Radiohead was recently brought up in an interview with Dallas Mavericks point guard Steve Nash and ESPN’s Dan Patrick:

DP: Do you understand Radiohead?
SN: Not really, no. But you know, probably what’s great about it is that you make your own interpretation.
DP: I listened to “OK Computer” a few times, and I came away saying, must be me.
SN: Didn’t you like the music?
DP: It’s OK, but it wasn’t, like, ground-breaking.
SN: If you turn on the radio today, you’re really still hearing the Beatles or Led Zeppelin or whoever else set the standard at some point. But when you hear Radiohead, you very rarely hear that, especially in their evolution. So I think they’re constantly taking risks and breaking new ground. I give them a tremendous amount of respect because of that, because they’re willing to try new things. … A lot of people say, why are they trying this crazy, different stuff? But why not?
DP: That’s a valid point.
SN: The music itself is excellent. And I think he’s a very clever guy, the main singer who writes the lyrics and is kind of the mastermind behind most of it.

(thanks to Jonathan)