RADIOHEAD are the unlikely stars of ‘SMALLVILLE’, a forthcoming television series about the early days of KRYPTON orphan SUPERMAN.
The band feature as the hottest ticket in town on the website for the Smallville Ledger, a local newspaper created by producers Warner Brothers as a promotional gimmick.

If fans click here, they will be taken to the Ledger front page. Beside a story about the local bank being held up by arch-villain and Superman nemesis Lex Luthor runs a headline reading ‘RADIOHEAD’S METROPOLIS CONCERT QUICKLY SELLS’. The story explains how Smallville’s “favorite band” sold out a show to help launch new local radio station K-Row in 12 minutes at the LuthorDome. According to the Ledger “fans camped out for days before the seats went on sale” to see the “revered U.K. rock band.”

In the series, which has already begun in the US and is due to be broadcast by Channel 4 in the UK in the New Year, Superman, as plain old Clark Kent, is played by newcomer Tom Welling. The show focuses on his difficult teenage years, spent coming to terms with his extraordinary powers.
— from the NME

{thanks to Michael Armstrong}