The Bends

Foo Fighters

by Jonathan on September 2, 2002

It’s been slow in the Radiohead news department lately so we’re just fishing for news.

On MTV Europe, the Foo Fighters proclaimed that The Bends was their #1 rock album of all time.

(thanks to Emma)

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Tommy Lee on RH

by Jonathan on June 5, 2002

Tommy Lee talked about Radiohead in an interview with KNAC recently:

KNAC.COM: I was really surprised by your vocals on the album. I think you did a great job with everything, and I especially like “Sunday.” I wondered which vocalists you’ve drawn inspiration from?
TOMMY: There’s a lot of guys that I love. Thom Yorke from Radiohead, I like his voice. The Radiohead record, The Bends is my all-time favorite record on the planet. I just think he’s got some great melodies and I feel him when he sings. I think that’s what I try to do when I sing a song; hopefully people feel me.

(thanks to Jonathan)

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Bends 2 (again)

by Jonathan on May 29, 2002

As we reported earlier, CDNow and Barnes & Noble both have an item called “Bends 2” that is going to be released on June 11. We have now been told that this is just a repressing of the Japanese version of The Bends and it will not have any new songs on it.

(thanks to Paul)

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The Bends 2

by Jonathan on May 28, 2002

CDNow has a upcoming release date of June 11th for an item called “Bends 2 (limited edition)”. Check it out here. There is no other information that would explain what this is.

According to Barnes & Noble, it’s a Japanese import.

(thanks to Phil, Zach, Justin, & Rachel)

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Street Spirit #5

by Jonathan on April 30, 2002

Radiohead’s video for “Street Spirit” was recently named #5 in VH1’s “Best Ever Video” list. Video and music industry experts spent months pondering their choices before deciding on the final 100. Here is the top ten:

The industry’s top 10 was as follows:
1. Fatboy Slim — Weapon of Choice
2. Beastie Boys — Sabotage
3. Jamiroquai — Virtual Insanity
4. Blur — Coffee & TV
5. Radiohead — Street Spirit
6. Michael Jackson — Thriller
7. Bjork — It’s Oh So Quiet
8. Madonna — Vogue
9. Robbie Williams — She’s the One
10. Peter Gabriel — Sledgehammer

(thanks to Sara & Daniel)

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OKC #2 in NZ

by Jonathan on April 17, 2002

“Rip it Up” music magazine from New Zealand is currently celebrating its 25th birthday. They conducted a poll of its reader for the best 25 Albums of the last 25 years and OK Computer came in @ #2 behind “Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness” and ahead of “Nevermind” and “Joshua Tree”. The Bends came in @ #12.

{thanks to Jordan}

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