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News for May 26, 2000

The European tour begins on September 1, 2000 and will end on Friday, October 13.

Part of this tour will include a stop at the Werchter Festival Site in Belgium, on September 11. You can already purchase tickets for the show at

Tickets will be 1200 BEF for advanced booking. Venus is rumored to opening up for Radiohead.

More dates for the UK and Ireland, along with other European cities, will be announced soon!

Here is what the press is saying:
(many thanks to Benrio and Tiquey)

Radiohead on Radio
Radiohead will be guests on Monday’s ‘Isabelle’. This show will be broadcast on radio 3FM in the Netherlands. The show starts at 20:00 and ends at 22:00 hrs. You will be able to listen to the show via RealAudio. In case you miss it, the radio station usually archives their shows for about a week. The RealAudio link is
(thanks to Benrio)

Hear “I’ve Seen It All”
You can hear a live version of the Bjork song “I’ve Seen It All”, without Thom, by clicking

This is the song that Thom and Bjork have done together for the upcoming Dancer in the Dark soundtrack. Thom does not appear on this version.

Unbelievable Jonny
Did you know that Jonny actually played on an Unbelievable Truth song? It’s true. Back in 1993 Jonny recorded the lead guitar for a song called “Sharing” with Andy Yorke (Thom’s brother) and Nigel Powell for their band, the Unbelievable Truth. You can download a mp3 of the tune by going to