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News for June 26, 1999

Ok, back from vacation… let’s sum up:

In case you haven’t noticed, the official Radiohead website designed by the amazing Stanley Donwood has been updated with a whole new look with lots of irrelevant goodies. Take the day off from work and explore!

Happy Birthday to Colin who turns 30 today! He recently got married also in the U.S. Way to go Colin! Phil has become a father! His wife gave birth to a baby boy. If you would like to write to either Colin or Phil, or any band member for that matter, write to them at:

w.a.s.t.e. products
PO Box 322
United Kingdom

“Meeting People is Easy” is selling very well in the U.S. Here is the latest Billboard Top Video Sales report:

“Austin Powers,” New Line Home Video
“You’ve Got Mail,” Warner Home Video
“Alien Resurrection,” Fox Video
“Radiohead: Meeting People is Easy,” Capitol Video
“A Bug’s Life,” Walt Disney Home Video

Thom played an amazing acoustic set aided by Jonny at the Tibetan Freedom Concert on June 13 in Amsterdam. They started off with a new song with Thom on piano. The song has no known title and has the lyrics ‘Nothing to fear / Nothing to die for’ in it. If you’ve visited the updated official Radiohead website you may notice that this page has those lyrics. Thom and Jonny also played “Street Spirit”, “Wear it Proudly” (an Elvis Costello cover), “Lucky”, “Karma Police”, and “Exit Music”.

Radiohead Thom Yorke tour

News for May 11, 1999

Not much today. For those of you wanting to see Thom perform at the Tibetan Freedom Concert in Amsterdam this June 13, tickets are now on sale. If you are in Holland, phone 0900-3001250 or visit

Thom will perform along with other acts like Garbage, Blur, Lucious Jackson, Ben Harper, Rage Against the Machine, plus many more.

OK Computer Radiohead Thom Yorke tour

News for May 7, 1999

There is going to be an auction to benefit the Milarepa Fund, the organization putting together the upcoming Tibetan Freedom Concert. One of the many items for auction is an “Ok Computer” promotional poster signed by Radiohead. Proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Milarepa Funds, which seeks to heighten awareness about human rights abuses in Tibet as well as promote universal compassion and non-violence.

For more info, go to the special auction website.

As stated earlier, Thom will be performing at the Tibetan Freedom Concert on June 13. He will be doing a solo acoustic set at the Amsterdam concert. There will be three other cities, Chicago, Tokyo, and Sydney, that will be hosting concerts simultaneously. Tickets will go on sale for Amsterdam this Saturday, May 8th. Take a look at for more information. Be sure to check out the “Highlights and Live” section for some neat public service announcements made by Thom last year.

Kid A OK Computer Radiohead Thom Yorke tour

News for May 1, 1999

From the Radiohead Announce List:

“Some official news on the new album. The band have been in a stately home in Gloucestershire (as they did in Bath for the last album) since April 12th recording stuff with producer Nigel Godrich for the next LP. There’s no idea how many songs they’re working on yet – it’s still early days, but they have got tons of stuff down from their demoing in France, Denmark and on the road with their mobile studio.”

Due to the spectacular response of the recent showing of “Meeting People is Easy” in selected cities, Capitol Records and Seventh Art Releasing have added additional screenings of the Radiohead film Meeting People Is Easy in Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, Ithaca and Seattle, with additional markets to be confirmed. The film premiered at Austin’s South By Southwest music conference in March, and was held over for extra weekends in Los Angeles and New York after all scheduled screenings sold out and fans had to be turned away.

Here are the new dates:

  • April 30 – May 6 Boston MA – Brattle Theatre 10pm (WBCN will
    be sponsoring the May 3rd screening.)
  • May 1-2 Cleveland, OH – Cleveland Film Festival: Cleveland Cinemateque
  • May 2 Detroit, MI – 89X Screening: The Magic Bag – Doors at 8pm
  • May 7-8 Detroit, MI – Main Art Theatre – midnight shows
  • May 13, 14, 16 Ithaca, NY – Cornell Cinema 9pm
  • June 11-12 Seattle, WA – Egyptian Theatre – midnight

Guess what?!! The U.S. video release of MPIE has been pushed back again. It will be released on May 18 on video and DVD. You can preorder it today at The 120 Minutes special on MTV focusing on Radiohead has been moved to May 16 at 11pm Central. They will be airing the television version of “Meeting People is Easy” as well as lots of RH videos and other goodies. Set your VCR.

Thom is apparently performing a solo set at the annual Tibetan Freedom Concert in June. This year’s concert will be held in four cities around the world and Thom will be doing an acoustic set in Amsterdam. The date is June 13 at the Rai Parkhalle. The band won’t be joining because it would disrupt recording of the new album.

OK Computer Radiohead Thom Yorke tour

News for February 28, 1999

There is a rumor floating around that Radiohead might be the supporting act on R.E.M.’s summer tour. More on that as it becomes available.

Another R.E.M./Radiohead project is in the works. R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe recently said in an interview that he and Thom have recorded a duet together. There is no release date or title available yet. Here’s a clip of the interview:

“Yeah, I mean Thom is an amazing singer,” added Stipe. “We know a lot of amazing singers and musicians and any good opportunity to work with them would be welcome. I’m not saying it will happen, I’m saying, speaking for three of us, we would love to work with Thom or any of the guys from Radiohead. We would love to work again with Patti Smith, with any of the guys from Grant Lee Phillips or Bjork or Natalie Merchant.”

You can read the full R.E.M. article by pointing your mouse or trackball here. thanks to Will Campbell

There is a chance that Radiohead might take part again in this year’s Tibetan Freedom Concert. It will be held in four different cities this June. For more info on the concert, or to learn about the whole free Tibet thing, go here.

The tour documentary, Meeting People is Easy, won’t be released until April 20 in the U.S. It is available for purchase in Europe. For those who don’t know about it, here is a quick rundown:

“a bunch of articulate, essentially shy people who, somehow, are able to create this huge, astonishing music and as a result find themselves in the strange/insane/seductive world of end-of-the-century-celebrity with thousands of people wanting to meet them, thousands of cameras and microphones constantly siphoning off little bits of them.” – grant gee, director. he followed the band around and basically filmed there every move while they campaigned for OK COMPUTER. You might know him also as directing the No Surprises video.

More info later.

OK Computer Radiohead tour

News for June 14, 1998

As many of you know, the annual Tibetan Freedom Concert was hit with tradegy last night. Here is the official statement from

The first day of this year’s Tibetan Freedom Concert was halted at approximately 3:40 PM EST today, following performances by Money Mark, Mutabaruka, Live, Dave Matthews, KRS-One, Herbie Hancock & The Headhunters, and speakers Palden Gyatso and Wei Jingshen.

Four concert-goers were transported to D.C. General Hospital after suffering injuries due to a sudden electrical storm. Two suffered minor injuries, and two remain hospitalized. The condition of the latter two is unknown at press time. All the families of the injured concert-goers have been notified.

Tracy Chapman, Sonic Youth, R.E.M., Radiohead and Beck were forced to cancel their performances. While Chapman and Beck were unable to re-schedule, Sonic Youth, R.E.M. and Radiohead will perform on the second day of the concert (Sunday, June 14th).

Concert Spokesperson Erin Potts has issued the following statement: “Our thoughts and best wishes are with the injured concertgoers. The Tibetan monks and nuns in attendance began praying for them immediately. We would like to thank the D.C. Fire and Police Departments, the paramedics, security and the entire concert staff for their quick and efficient response.

Radiohead didn’t let their fans down. They had a surprise gig for the first 800 people who showed up with saturday’s ticket stubs at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. Rumor has it that Pulp opened up with 3 or 4 songs. Radiohead were joined by R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe on Lucky, in which Michael sang the lead vocals.
Radiohead returned to RFK Stadium and played to the eager crowd. Michael joined them again for Lucky. I will include the setlists later.

Thom joined R.E.M. during their set. He sang Be Mine and also provided Patti Smith’s part in E-Bow the Letter.

Both bands will be part of the march on the capitol lawn on Monday.
phew. more stuff later.