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Radiohead ends their tour with some “true love”

The band played their final show of the North American first-leg tour last night in Santa Barbara, CA. Along with a slightly different setlist from recent shows, the band surprised the audience with the much loved “True Love Waits”, which Thom performed by himself at the start of the first encore. You can see last night’s setlist and reviews here and the night before’s here.

Radiohead will return to the US on July 30 to start their second-leg in Atlanta… But that comes after the much anticipated show in Oxford on July 7. Check the tour dates page for more info.

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Steve Lamacq’s Evening Session

Thom, Ed, and Colin joined three Radiohead fans on Steve Lamacq’s Evening Session on Radio 1 last night. One of the highlights of this interview was the talk of the legend that is “True Love Waits”, the song everyone loves but hasn’t been released yet making the title very appropriate. Thom gave us a simmer of sunshine when he talked about the recording of “True Love Waits”:

“We’d love to record that. We’d love to find a way to do it, other than on an acoustic guitar. We have an entire section in our tape store just for ‘True Love Waits’ versions. Every time we start a version of it we get a different song. For ‘OK Computer’ we got ‘Push Pull’ out of it.”

To listen to this wonderful interview, check out the Radio 1 site.

The concert that Radiohead played for Canal+ on April 28 will be aired on Spain’s Canal+ on June 5 at 23:45. It will also air the same night on TELE PIU’ BIANCO (an Italian satellite network), which will also show a “Making of…” special at 6:05pm followed by the concert at 10:45pm. {thanks to Francesca and Mar}

You can still watch last Monday’s concert in France at {thanks to Pieter and Jon Paul}

Radiohead will appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine for the first time. The mag will hit US store shelves on June 29. {thanks to David}

There is a French interview with Ed here. {thanks to Ludovic}

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News for July 17, 2000

Oakenfold Remixes “Street Spirit”

Dance music legend Paul Oakenfold remixed Radiohead’s “Street Spirit” last Thursday night while spinning in Manhattan’s Roseland Ballroom. Here’s is a clip from a recent Sonicnet article:

“The highest and most telling point in Oakenfold’s set came as the diminutive but dapper Brit dropped an intense, pounding remix of Radiohead’s “Street Spirit” into the mix, which in its original form is one of the band’s softest and sparsest songs. The move worked the crowd into a wild frenzy. So much for Thom Yorke’s introspection, they were in the hands of a DJ tonight.”

You can read the full article here.

[thanks to SteveEYE]

Net the Debt Day

Thom updated his page at the official site again with this message:

tell all your friends/ websites etcetera to visit dropthedebt this friday 21st of july until then please carry on passing the word about the e-mail petition to the G7.

This is from the Drop the Debt page:

“In 1998 and 1999, Jubilee 2000 held massive, peaceful human chains around the meetings of the G7, over 50,000 people calling on the G7 leaders to drop the debt. This year the world leaders have found an island hideaway far from anywhere in Okinawa, Japan, to try and escape from Jubilee 2000’s demands. So this time, we will surround them on-line, linking up in a virtual human chain around the world which the leaders cannot ignore. On this site, you can link up with what’s happening in Okinawa and the leaders’ response to your campaigning. We are going to invite Bill Clinton and his G7 colleagues to come on this site on July 21, and tell you what they are going to do to drop the debt.”

Also, Jonny’s page was updated.

True Love Waits

At Ease has a “True Love Waits” performed in Tel Aviv on mp3 and real audio! Go and listen! What a great song!

Speaking of “True Love Waits”, you may remember a link put up last week to a video of Thom performing “True Love Waits” in Belgium in 1995. Nico, the guy who put up that video, had some interesting points that I thought I would share:

“We all know that the song was played for the first time in Belgium in 1995 and throughout the years the song has flown all around the Internet. We had confirmation on July 6 that this song was not going to be on the new album, right? The day after, I put a video of the song that was played in 1995 on my website and the day after that, there was a link to my site on almost every major Radiohead website (the sites that Radiohead themselves recommend to have the latest news, meaning Planet Telex, Green Plastic, etc…).

The day after that, my server exploded after receiving about 15,000 people wanting to download the video…

The day after that, the song was played by Thom in Israel in front of an audience for the first time in 5 years…

So is this a coincidence? I say Fuck No!”

Regardless as to what prompted Thom to play “True Love Waits”, the song is incredible and we can only hope that this song will make it on a future album or as a b-side! Please!

Kid A Radiohead

News for July 6, 2000

Release dates for Kid A

The release dates for Radiohead fourth album, Kid A, are:

September 27, 2000 – Japan
October 02, 2000 – Europe
October 03, 2000 – US and Canada

Once we know anything about other areas of the world, we’ll let you know.

True Love Waits

Unfortunately, the wonderful song “True Love Waits” will not be on Kid A. Some of you may have downloaded a mp3 of the song while Radiohead performed it in Belgium on December 5, 1995. The guy who recorded it has put up the video he shot of the same performance! Head on over to and take a look!

[many thanks to Nico]

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News for January 21, 2000

Ed’s diary has been updated again. The band are back in the studio but Nigel, their producer, has had them working strictly with electronic equipment.

Nigel, who has been spending some time on the official message board lately, had this to add: “The works going well. Everyone had a good 2k and we’ve done a week back at our studio. Experimental electronica week it’s been. V interesting.” He also said, “We’re working hard on our new jazz funck direction which is and isn’t bringing forth goodies. Much fun stuff in the bag though I must say.”

Ed mentioned that “True Love Waits” has been given a new life, which is good news.

Radiohead made #4 in’s “100 Best Albums of the Century” with OK Computer.

Muse’s singer Matt, had this to say in the latest issue of Rock & Folk Magazine: “I also think that our second album will/should relieve us from comparisons with Radiohead which, I think, are mostly due the John Leckie’s producing.” [thanks to Xavier]

Tons of rumors floating around that Radiohead will be headlining this year’s Glastonbury Festival. In the recent issue of Melody Maker, event organizer Michael Evis said that he thinks that there is a very good chance that Radiohead will play Glasto. He also said the only thing that will stop the band from playing there is if they turn it down. [thanks to Matt]

For those in the United States and Canada who have been searching for the coveted 7 Television Commercials video, w.a.s.t.e. had some specially made for ya! Go there now and consume.