Kid A Radiohead

Former NIN Drummer Mentions RH

In a recent interview with The NIN Hotline, former NIN drummer Chris Vrenna talks about his new project Tweaker and mentions Radiohead:

Leviathant: People have been comparing your record to Radiohead’s Kid A; the comparison makes sense after some thinking, but I think there are differences in the production that set the two apart, when I listen to them. As far as producing this album went – do you spend a lot of time, erm, tweaking the tracks in a production environment such as ProTools (or Soundforge, or etc. etc.), or do you like to do most of the programming and twiddling live while laying the tracks down?

Tweaker: Well, first off, THANKS for the wonderful compliment of comparing Tweaker to Kid A. I do a bit of both, actually…I run beats, loops, etc through things and tweak as I lay it through ProTools. But I also do a lot afterward as well. It all depends on the track. I just sort of experiment as I go, and try not to repeat myself too often. The beauty of ProTools is that I can always go back to tracks and rework them.

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{thanks to Leviathant}