Kid A Radiohead Thom Yorke tour

News for September 8, 2000

Radiohead: ‘Kid A’ Is No ‘OK Computer’ has a review of Kid A and some more info current happenings with Radiohead. A full track-by-track review will appear in the September 16th issue of Billboard.

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Can’t make it to a concert?

Then bring the concert home to you! The shows in Belgium on September 11th and 12th will be webcasted on Belgian Radio 21‘s website starting on the 12th at 11pm. The webcast will be in audio only and will be archived on the site for a few weeks after the shows.

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Kid A propaganda

Posters and those nifty little blips are showing up everywhere to promote the release of Kid A. Recent reports have posters and stickers appearing in New York City while the media blips are being aired on Canada’s MuchMusic channel. Even Circuit City, a large electronics chain in the US, is airing the blips on their televisions twice every hour!

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The UNKLE Probe

Tomorrow night on MTV 2 (the UK one, not the US channel), they will be airing a full hour profile on UNKLE’s “Rabbit in Your Headlights” video directed by Jonathan Glazer (Street Sprit, Karma Police). The song, available on UNKLE’s Psyence Fiction album, is a collaboration between DJ Shadow and Thom Yorke.

The show starts at midnight.

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Kid A Radiohead Thom Yorke

News for August 1, 1999

The song “Rabbit In Your Headlights” that Thom recorded with DJ Shadow for the UNKLE album, has been nominated for Best Breakthrough Video at the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards. The awards show will be held on September 9, 1999, in New York City. Thom is #16 in the top 100 stars of the century according to the August issue of Q.

Here is the top video sales as they appear in the August 7, 1999 issue of Billboard magazine:

1. “Austin Powers – International Man of Mystery,” New Line Home Video
2. “Blade,” New Line Home Video
3. “Rush Hour,” New Line Home Video
4. “Aliens,” Fox Video
5. “A Clockwork Orange,” Warner Home Video
6. “The Truman Show,” Universal Studios
7. “Tae-Bo Workout,” Ventura Distribution
8. “The King and I,” Warner Home Video
9. “Backstreet Boys: Homecoming – Live in Orlando,” Jive/Zomba Video
10. “Radiohead: Meeting People is Easy,” Radiohead, Capitol Video

As reported earlier on this site, there was a rumor floating around that R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe might be contributing to the new Radiohead album. This has been put to rest by a recent chat transcription with Mr. Stipe found on the VH1 site. Here is the relevant bit:

foxmulder_47 asks: Any truth to the rumors that you may appear on the next Radiohead album?
michael_stipe_live: I saw Jonny and Thom in Manchester the other night- they didn’t mention anything.

OK Computer Thom Yorke tour

News for January 20, 1998

Mo’ Wax’s U.N.K.L.E. album has been pushed back to an autumn release. the first single, “Rabbit in Your Headlights”, which is a collaboration between thom and DJ SHADOW, will be released sometime in may.

still no official word on tour dates for the spring. one interesting rumor is that radiohead will be performing in Toronto on April 12. the opening act, bjork. let us pray.


Ed O'Brien OK Computer Radiohead Thom Yorke tour

News for January 9, 1998

the thom/ DJ shadow collaboration on the U.N.K.L.E. project should be released soon. the title is “rabbit in your headlights.”

radiohead has been nominated for awards in the NME brat awards this year for best band, best album, best single (paranoid android), best video (paranoid android), and radio 1 evening session of the year. the winners will be announced on january 27.

from NME:
RADIOHEAD are releasing a fly-on-the wall documentary later this year charting their ‘OK Computer’ world tour. The documentary is being made by ‘No Surprises’ video-maker Grant Gee and will be premiered on UK television before hitting the stores on longform video.

Radiohead bassist Ed O’Brien explained: “We didn’t want a ‘rockumentary’, a warts’n’all type thing that Spinal Tap sends up completely and is brilliant for. Grant’s been shooting us since we started promotion on the album in Barcelona. He’s got some really good stuff.”

Gee continued: “The real challenge is to try and make a rockumentary about a rock band that doesn’t feel like it’s a ‘rockumentary’. Radiohead deserve more than that. I wanted to make a documentary that fits the imagery of ‘OK Computer’.”

Meanwhile, the band have announced that they will not be playing any festival gigs in the UK this year. O’Brien told London alternative radio station XFM during an interview on January 6 that the band still had to play Japan, New Zealand, Australia and the US, but then they would spend the rest of the year recording. A new Radiohead album is promised for 1999.