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Radiohead are doing a secret webcast

Radiohead are doing a secret webcast on June 9 at 10:30pm GMT. It will be a live stream from their recording of Later With Jools Holland. It wouldn’t be Radiohead if it wasn’t tricky: In order for you to listen to all tracks you will need to find four different links on the Web. Clues to their whereabouts are apparently hidden around the Net. We will bring you more information about this asap. {thanks to gibbs}

Jam! has done an interview with Jonny. You can read it here.

Radiohead will be playing a show at the Globe Arena in Stockholm, Sweden on September 18, 2001. Tickets will go on sale this Monday at {thanks to Johan}

The new is up. Go and enjoy!

More news soon. We’re busy revamping some of the site, including a total redesign of some sections.

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News for March 24, 2000

Another Webcast

Radiohead held another webcast last night and at one point over 1000 people were tuning in, making it difficult for many to watch it without the dreaded “net congestion” popping up. The festivities began around 4pm EST and lasted until about 8:30pm. Thom and Jonny played DJ again, spinning some of their favorite tracks from various artists. Only one new Radiohead song was performed live. The title is still a bit sketchy but it contains the words “Wicked Child”, so we’ll just call it that for now.

Here’s a tracklist of the songs Jonny and Thom played:

Schizm – Track #2 Mix
Christian Vogel – Mosquito 10
This Is Mike Ink – Polka Trax 4
Christoph De Babalon – On The Block (Meet Him)

Country Preacher – Cannonball Adderly
Telephone Thing – The Fall
The Ink Spots – Java Jive
It’s Not Love – Talking Heads

Le Tigre – Hot Topic
Magazine – The Light Pours Out Of Me
Ad Vans vs. Gescom – Viral
Andrea Parker – Unconnected
Wevie Stonder – Questionable ( how ironic!)
Autechre – Various Artists 8.5 (fat cat)
Talking Heads – Cross Eyed and Painless

La Fille Du Pere Noel – Jacques Dutronc
St James Infirmary – Louis Armstrong
Lulu Suite – Berg
Pahu Tahiti – Tearapo
? – 13th Floor Elevators
Laser Attack – Scientist
Where Is My Mind – Pixies

Alder & Elins – Digital Toddler
Autechre – 777
Justin Berkon – The Juice
Autechre – Rae
Can – ?
Funkstorung rmx of Wu Tang Clan
Faust – Skinhead
Autechre – tortoise rmx

Down By The River – Neil Young
Faust Tapes – Faust
Limbo – Nina and Frederick
Prayer Metin – -Jimmy Smith
Groovin’ with – The Soulful Strings
Jazz Raga – Gabor Szabo
So Lonely – Tim bricky

Squarepusher/ Aphex Twin – FHM Acid
Gescom – Keynell
Can – Moonshake

OK Computer Radiohead

News for February 18, 2000

Nothing Here

Not much has been going in the Radiohead camp as of late. The band will return next week from their week off to settle back in to getting us a record to listen to!

Webcast Leftovers

The playlist for the February 10 webcast has been posted up by the wonderful Mel. Here’s what Colin, Phil, and Ed spun:

Marlene Shaw- California Soul
Stetsosonic – All that jazz
Captain Beefheart – Sun Zoom Spark
Five Ounces of Soul – Love Got a Piece of Your Mind
Commodores – Machine Gun
PJ Harvey – O Stella
PIL – Flowers of Romance
John Barry – The Danny Scipio Theme
The Beat – Save It For Later
Lou Reed – Vicious
Incredible Bongo Band – Bongo Rock
Charles Wright – I’m Aware
The Movie Album – Goin’ Hollywood
Charles Sherell – Yes It’s You
Schooly D – Do it Do it
South Bronx – Hip Hop Till You Drop
Charles Sullivan – Genesis
Betty Davis – f.u.n.k
Ray Charles – Night and Day
Hall and Oates – Had I Known You Better Then
Kraftwerk – Tour de France
? – Felicidade
With These Themes 3 – Avro Car
Neu! – Fur Immer
Bob Marley – Single Dub
Linda Lyndelt – What A Man
The Specials – Ghost Town
Sergio Mendes – After Sunrise
Velvet Underground – Who Loves The Sun
Virna Lindt – Attention Stockholm
Barrett Strong – Money
Tom Waits – Such A Scream
Marvyn Gaye – ?
Gerry Mulligan – Morning Of The Carnival
Joe Quarterman and Free Soul – Live Now Brothers
(thanks to Xavier)

And Now For Your Radiohead Feel-Good Story of the Month:

“There is a radio station in little Spokane, Washington, that never plays Radiohead (other than Creep and High and Dry)……but yesterday something amazing happened. The Peak (105.7, Spokane, WA) interviewed a band called BoxCar Children on their Local Band night where a band is interviewed and played on the radio. Well the Peak had to go out and buy a copy of OK Computer in order to play Karma Police which was requested to be played by BoxCar Children (or else there would be no show). Almost brought me to tears………Radiohead being on the radio and all, it is good to see that someone out there is showing us the true way of the Radiohead.”
(thanks to Tony for that one)

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News for February 11, 2000

What a night! The band put on their second webcast last night and left us all wanting more! At around 6pm Eastern time, Radiohead set up their turntables and video cameras and partied for almost 4 hours!

The evening was full of excitement. Ed, Phil, and Colin took turns playing DJ, while the others danced around (Go Mel!) and sat by the fire outside. The highlight of the evening was definitely the introduction of three new songs. Thom, Jonny, and Phil had a little jam session which was incredible, called “There there”, by Thom. That was followed later by Jonny and his electronic toys.

The band got together at the end and played another new song with Ed on vocals, even though he wasn’t really singing. “Ed was pulling wurds out of the magic top hat which i use,” said Thom.

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News for January 12, 2000

Itching to see the “Pop is Dead” video? How about “Lucky”? Here’s some exciting news to those who haven’t seen all the Radiohead videos. If you have MTV’s sister channel, MTV2, you’ll be able to watch their tremendous effort to show each and every video in the MTV and MTV2 libraries. The special started on January 1, and they’re already at letter B. That means you’ve missed “Anyone Can Play Guitar.” Don’t know what MTV2 is or how to get it? Easy. It’s a 24 hour station that plays videos all the time. No Real World here. Only select cable companies in the US have it… you’re better off just buying a Direct TV satellite dish. For more info, go to MTV2’s website. [thanks to]

Rock & Folk, a French music magazine, has printed in their January issue that Radiohead are about to work with a symphonic orchestra and are pushing back the release of the new album to September 2000. [thanks to Julien]

Just to clarify something: No release date has been set for the new album. I repeat. No release date. The dates that these magazines are printing are purely speculation and have no significant evidence to back them.

Rock & Folk also had Radiohead listed in their “Best Bands of the Century” poll. Radiohead came in at #4, following The Beatles (#1), the Rolling Stones (#2), Led Zepplin (#3), and preceding Pink Floyd (#5), U2 (#6), and the Jimi Hendrix Experience (#7). [thanks to Xavier]

The internet has been flooded with a number of rumors that Radiohead will be having another webcast in the coming days. All this started when Colin posted in his webpage last week that he had purchased some albums in Philadelphia and was hoping “to be spinning some of my ‘ finds ‘ on the web-cast next fortnight…” Fortnight, which means “two weeks”, was taken by many as to mean that there would be a webcast in two weeks. Max K from the great Planet Telex cleared up some of this on the official message board yesterday:

“the ‘fortnight’ word on colin’s page was nothing to do with timing – it was to do with the fact that the webcast server they are using used to run on fortnightly slots – it doesn’t any more, but colin used the phrase, meaning ‘on our next slot on the webcast’. since they have free run of the server now – it could happen ANY TIME!”

Some of you have asked, “Why do they have to be bastards and not tell us when a webcast will occur?!” Radiohead will not schedule or notify a webcast date and time with their fans for many good reasons. One reason is that they feel if everyone knew ahead of time, the press would show up, along with tons of other people and would probably crash their server. My advice: check the official site often for a link to the webcast page. has an article about the possibility of another webcast here. [thanks to Sarah and Xavier]

Every year, listener’s of 2FM’s (Ireland’s national radio) David Fanning’s show vote on their favorite song’s of all time. Radiohead did well in the poll: “High and Dry” (#38), “Karma Police” (#29), “Street Spirit” (#10), “Fake Plastic Trees” (#9), “Paranoid Android” (#5), and “Creep” (#2). [thanks to Miriam]

Radiohead also did well in 2FM’s Millennium 500 poll: “Paranoid Android” came in at #266, while “Creep” at #10.

Ed O'Brien OK Computer Radiohead The Bends

News for December 19, 1999

Ed’s diary has been updated once again with some wonderful news, especially if you missed the recent “Amateur Nite” webcast. Here is an excerpt:

“i have just had a thought……..still excited by last thursdays live webcast .and thinking about ways it could be developed……i think it could be very cool to play new stuff by unsigned bands, musicians, collectives (ie bands not on major labels – small indie is fine).if any of you are making music, have mates that are or you just think that this music that you are in to deserves to be heard then send it into me at our po box address, which is po box 322, oxford, ox4 1ey. i like all kinds of shit so please don’t just send in guitar band stuff. anything. spread the word. alright that’s enough for now. happy xmas… and a very merry millenium…..”

Jam Music has an article about it here.

Radiohead was was named twice in the 100 Most Compelling Albums of the ’90s list compiled by Nude as the News. OK Computer was honored with #2 while The Bends was #38.

OK, I know this is too late, but the French-German TV channel ARTE aired “Meeting People is Easy” last night. It was edited down to 52 minutes.

They apparently got the names of Radiohead totally wrong: “Oxford-based, Johnny Greenwood, Charlie May, Jerry Chater and Thom Yorke, a.k.a. Radiohead……” “As for Jerry, the bass player, …”)

Phew, it must be the end of the year… Entertainment Weekly recently named Radiohead #8 for Best Group in their online poll. You can see that and the rest in the current Entertainment Weekly which can be found at your local newsstand.

[many thanks to Leen Smet, Tony Raffini, and Xavier for their help with the news!]