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More on the Wyrd Sisters Lawsuit

We were able to get a statement from Kim Baryluk, one of the Wyrd Sisters, on her band’s lawsuit against Warner Bros. To catch up on what is going on, read our previous report.

Kim first wanted to say that they are not really wanting to go after Radiohead. “I believe that if they knew what Warner Bros was doing to a little band though, they would not want to be a part of it.”

Apparently she has been getting a lot of hate mail, and had this to say:

“I’m sorry you are so angry at us. I wish I could take the time to explain. The chart magazine did not fairly represent what happened. What happened is that the lawyers from Warner Bros called us in June and *threatened* us. They told us that if we didn’t sign some papers agreeing to co-exist with them then they’d ‘have their army of lawyers shut our little girl’s band down’.

In the real world, we have trademark rights to our name. Just the same way no one can go around calling themselves Warner Bros if they’re not Warner Bros. Yes, we know other wyrd sisters have popped up. They have not been musical bands, and no one has got the other wyrd sisters confused with us, so we have just let them slide by. Besides, no one has threatened us before, or told us that we should just give them what they want…our name… because they’ll hurt us if we don’t. That’s just not right.

Warner Bros did not do their homework. They have made huge publicity splashes about their wyrd sister band. If we go anywhere new now, people will show up expecting the boys from radiohead to be there. Their wyrd sisters will have global impact. We will be seen as the imposters. Can you imagine the abuse we’ll get then? This is not about greed, because we expect that the money will win as it always does and that is not us.

Warner is only now saying that they won’t use the name in the movie, since we’ve begun legal proceedings. It’s a little late for that. I certainly didn’t want a fight or this bad publicity, but my options are limited. Either way we lose. At least we’ll go down with a little dignity. I hope…”

(many thanks to Radiocoocoo)