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News for December 19, 1999

Ed’s diary has been updated once again with some wonderful news, especially if you missed the recent “Amateur Nite” webcast. Here is an excerpt:

“i have just had a thought……..still excited by last thursdays live webcast .and thinking about ways it could be developed……i think it could be very cool to play new stuff by unsigned bands, musicians, collectives (ie bands not on major labels – small indie is fine).if any of you are making music, have mates that are or you just think that this music that you are in to deserves to be heard then send it into me at our po box address, which is po box 322, oxford, ox4 1ey. i like all kinds of shit so please don’t just send in guitar band stuff. anything. spread the word. alright that’s enough for now. happy xmas… and a very merry millenium…..”

Jam Music has an article about it here.

Radiohead was was named twice in the 100 Most Compelling Albums of the ’90s list compiled by Nude as the News. OK Computer was honored with #2 while The Bends was #38.

OK, I know this is too late, but the French-German TV channel ARTE aired “Meeting People is Easy” last night. It was edited down to 52 minutes.

They apparently got the names of Radiohead totally wrong: “Oxford-based, Johnny Greenwood, Charlie May, Jerry Chater and Thom Yorke, a.k.a. Radiohead……” “As for Jerry, the bass player, …”)

Phew, it must be the end of the year… Entertainment Weekly recently named Radiohead #8 for Best Group in their online poll. You can see that and the rest in the current Entertainment Weekly which can be found at your local newsstand.

[many thanks to Leen Smet, Tony Raffini, and Xavier for their help with the news!]