Radiohead Thom Yorke tour

News for May 8, 2000

Thom updated his page at the official Radiohead site recently. Here is a portion of what was originally there:

” The delgados album is fucking great–the great eastern
the clinic album is also great
also i like sigor ros from iceland i think they are amazing
clinic and laika are supporting us
laika are great.
why arent all these bands really famous?
also Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Shahen-shahis great!
i am so tired im working stupid hours trying to get everything finished also rehearsing.
come on stanley lets change the front page shall we? i know were busy and everything but.. . ”
(thanks to Elis)

Shortly after this was posted, it was taken down and re-written. Go to his page for the newest one.

He mentioned that Clinic and Laika will be the supporting bands during the band’s summer tour. Here are the dates in which Laika will be the opening act:

Theatre Antique d’Arles, France (June 13)
Theatre Antique de Vaison, France (14)
Barcelona Teatro Tivoli, Spain (15),
Arenes de Frejus, France (17)
Milan Villa Reale, Italy (18 & 19)
Florence Piazza Santa Croce, Italy (21 & 22)

The dates that Clinic will be a part of have not been announced yet. For more info on Laika, go to this site. A Clinic site can be found here.

By Jonathan

New York, NY