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News for May 30, 2000

Colin and Jonny were in Holland yesterday to be interviewed on 3FM radio. You can listen to the interview in RealAudio over at Planet Telex.

During the interview, words like “dark” were used to described the new album. They recorded close to 40 songs and will have to choose from those. Jonny then went on to say that “if you like things like ‘Exit Music (for a film)’, ‘Talk Show Host’ and ‘Airbag’ you will like the new album, because it’s got songs similar to that. And also some experimentation with electronic music as well that we’re sort of getting into.”

When asked why they were bringing their own tent, Jonny said, “We don’t want to play in those venues that are designed for sport and have Coca-Cola adverts everywhere. That’s not what we want to do, really.”

The band were also asked why they weren’t going to play the Pinkpop and other festivals to which Colin replied, “The important reason for not playing Pinkpop is that we’ve already played Glastonbury before the release of OK Computer and we just don’t repeat what we’ve done before and which is playing a big festival before the release of an album.”
Jonny mentioned that they had about 7 possible titles that they are considering for the new album.

During the interview, it was confirmed that Radiohead will be playing in Holland on September 15, 2000. They will be playing at the Goffertpark, in Nijmegen. Tickets are on sale now at

Meanwhile, over in Spain…
While Jonny and Colin were in Holland, Ed and Phil were giving a press conference in Spain. Ed said that they were not going to reveal any information about the new album early, but could say that their decision to use a string orchestra for songs like “Dollars and Cents” and “How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found” and an 8-piece brass ensemble was because “we don’t want to repeat ourselves because we find it boring.”

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New album to be released in October?

Music365 is reporting that they have received confirmation from a Radiohead spokesperson that the new album will be released this October. Go and read the article at