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News for July 13, 2000

More tickets available!

For all of those fans that missed out on tent tour tickets for this Fall, head on over to the w.a.s.t.e. ticket shop and purchase them. Some tickets that were previously sold out are now available for purchase.

Australian release date

According to Australian radio, Radiohead’s new album will be released on October 02, 2000.

[thanks to Thommy D]

The tour is over

Well, Radiohead’s summer tour is now over. The band wrapped things up last Sunday night in Israel. A new song was played, titled “Alligators in New York Sewers”. The song, which featured Thom alone on piano, is available to download at Check out for possible lyrics.

What’s next for the band? After a brief break, the band are rumored to be heading back in to the studio this August to record new material for either b-sides or possibly a new album or a series of EP releases.

On September 1, the band will start their “Tent Tour” in Newport, South Wales, and will finish up on October 8, in Ireland. More dates could be added, so stay tuned to the tour dates page.

It is uncertain what will happen after the tour… The band could head over to North America and tour towards the end of the year. Once anything is known, you’ll be alerted here!

Paris and London mp3’s

Sam has done it again and provided us with some wonderful mp3’s of the June 30th Paris show and the July 1st London Meltdown show. Check out his site at and remember to rename the .zip files to .mp3!

By Jonathan

New York, NY