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News for July 31, 2000

Album #5 Details

Radiohead are releasing a new album in March of 2001. According to a source close to the band, the album is pretty much done. According to another source close to the label, the songs that will appear on the follow up are more accessible (ie: closer to radio hits then anything appearing on “Kid A”) to fans and the public.

Again, nothing has been officially confirmed by the band. Stay tuned for more info…

The Meaning of Kid A?

Thom mentioned yesterday on the official message board that they named album #4 Kid A in dedication to the first human clone, which he suspects has already happened.

Other speculation is that the album was named after the children card game, Kid A in Alphabet Land.

[Thanks to Orion]

Radiohead included in Buy-cott

Following Colin’s vocal support on issues like Napster and like technology, Radiohead has been added to Napster’s “Buy-Cott” campaign, encouraging consumers to buy CD’s from Napster-friendly artists and bands.

You can view the list at

[thanks to Micken and Erkki]

Paul Oakenfold’s Remix of “Street Spirit”

You can listen to a mp3 of Paul Oakenfold’s live remix of “Street Spirit” by clicking this link. (6 Megs)

Thom’s page updated

Check out and see Thom’s updated page. It looks like he put a picture of some fans in Berlin.