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News for August 1, 2000

This Mess We’re In

PJ Harvey
PJ Harvey

Album information about PJ Harvey’s new release, entitled Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea, were announced today. The album, Harvey’s sixth LP, will be released on October 23 and will feature Thom Yorke as a guest vocalist on a duet called “This Mess We’re In“. Harvey reportedly wrote the song with Thom in mind.

Thom will also be providing backing vocals on two other tracks from the album.

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Kid A cover rumors

Slowly the details are trickling in from the grapevine about the cover for the highly-anticipated Kid A. From what we’ve heard, the cover will be plain in a similar style as the recent tour posters. Also, “Radiohead” and “Kid A” are written at the top right. Also, the booklet will not be as thick as the one from OK Computer.

Stanley commented about the artwork yesterday saying that “it’s a nightmare for record companies.

Banging on Radiohead About…

You can now read the “delightful” column written by Steven Wells for the NME about Radiohead and their fans. Click here to read it.