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News for August 9, 2000

Kid A mentions

An informative article appeared at Rolling Stone regarding the recording of the new album. “After recording so much material that it can (and will) be released as two separate albums, Radiohead have finally narrowed down the track listing for their upcoming fourth outing — a ten-track album full of sweeping epics, strings, brass and even blues” – This was on July 3.

Another interesting piece has appeared at french news outlet MCM. The article states that the title for album four, Kid A, came from a list which included other potentials such as Pure As Fiction, Giant Cogs Turn and Learning to Smile. The article also mentions that the band will not embark on a world tour until the release of an “Album 5”. This article is dated July 17. Whether these album titles were actually in contention, we don’t know. We do know that Learning to Smile is the name of the new Everclear CD so maybe there was some confusion?

Capitol Record’s Radiohead site updated

Check out the official Radiohead site at Capitol Records. Bears gone crazy!!! Unfortunately it lacks in any new and useful information.

[Many thanks to James M from CUTW for providing today’s news]

By Jonathan

New York, NY