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News for August 21, 2000

Godspeed to open for Radiohead?

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More Blips at Capitol

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Everyone has the exclusive

Here’s some of the review of Kid A from various news sources:


Radiohead’s Meeting People is Easy on the Sundance Channel

From Sundance:

While most rock documentaries simply record concerts and the daily grind of the road, in Meeting People Is Easy, filmmaker Grant Gee’s lenses focus on an important, though less-well-chronicled, aspect of the big-time music business: the PR tour. With Super 8 and hand-held video cameras Gee followed the British band Radiohead on its 1997-98 world tour for an unsettling glimpse of countless photo sessions, vapid interviews and tedious press junkets. The San Francisco Examiner praised the film as “Kubrickian in its atmospheric melancholy, foreboding disorientation and technical mischief.” (1999) TVPG (AC, AL) (1:34) Stereo Airing: Sep 6 2:35pm; 12 11:05am, 9:00pm; 18 9:00pm; 24 9:05am; 28 5:35pm, 3:00am