Tour Diary #2

Well… I really thought that Saturday’s show was remarkable and unbeatable – Then there was last night. All I have to say is that the energy in that tent and on that stage last night was somewhat of a paranormal experience. I have never been in an audience like that before, where everyone was moving along, up and down, left and right, with the flow of the music.

The show last night has left me speechless. The band had a great vibe about them and all looked happy to be there.

I got to the show a little earlier than the night before because I wanted to check out Clinic, the supporting band. After picking up my tickets, we headed over to the w.a.s.t.e. tent and marveled over the merchandise again. As I was looking at the wide selection of shirts, I recognized a face behind the gate selling t-shirts. I quickly realized it was the famous Mel from w.a.s.t.e. She’s the one that looks after all of us RH fans and has grown in popularity with the fans. Her late night visits to the radiohead message board give us all someone “official” to talk to. I yelled out “Mel” and she quickly turned around. I told her who I was and she smiled and we shook hands. I have talked to her before and I can say that she is just as pleasant and nice in person as she is on the internet and on the phone. She was busy so we ended the conversation short. I’m sure I’ll see her again tonight.

Clinic was okay. I think I was too excited to see RH again that Clinic didn’t do much for me. My friend and I managed to get in to the front area and were maybe 6 or 7 feet away from the security fence in front of the stage. We had a perfect view of Jonny’s toybox area with all his goodies.

Clinic had a short set and then there was the 40 minute wait for Radiohead. At 8 o’clock, the band finally came on and went straight into “Optimistic.” You could tell right away that they had much more energy and that the show was going to be brilliant.

From there on they played most of the regular set list songs, including “National Anthem,” “Street Spirit,” “How to Disappear Completely,” “Karma Police,” plus countless others. Once I get the set list staright, I’ll post it up.

I had my camera with me and took some great shots, especially of Jonny. Once I get back home, I’ll upload them.

While in the audience, I met some great people. I just want to give a quick shout-out to Alex, a guy I was standing next to who I’ve actually communicated in the past with via email. My friend Brian was asking people what their favorite RH sites were, and many said Follow Me Around and Green Plastic. He would quickly point to me and say “this is the guy that runs Green Plastic!” I, of course, was slightly embarrassed with the attention but it was interesting to meet the people that you communicate with on a daily basis.

Well, I’m off to do some sight seeing now. I will be attending the final show tonight and am looking forward to it. My body still hasn’t adjusted to the time zone here. It’s still 5am back in San Francisco.

I will post again tomorrow!


By Jonathan

New York, NY