Radiohead tour

Tickets, tickets tickets!

Did you get yours? Today, presale tickets went on sale at and Ticketmaster and as usual, we have dozens upon dozens of email from fans who either didn’t get tickets or who did. We got news that the allotment for most of the Atlanta and New Jersey tickets to sell during the presale today sold out within an hour, which isn’t surprising. If you couldn’t get tickets online, the general sale for most of the second leg North American shows go on sale at or Ticketmaster outlets on June 16. Check the tour dates page for more info.

As far as we know, tickets for the August 20 show at the Hollywood Bowl will not go on sale until July 7. Also, we don’t know anything about the Philadelphia show. It may be that it has been scrapped and will not happen. Once we know anything, it’ll be here.

Tickets for the August 14 show in Boston went on presale today at General sale will occur on June 16 at ALL STRAWBERRIES MUSIC AND VIDEO STORES AND VIA TELEPHONE AT (800) 477-6849. Check the tour dates page for more info.

w.a.s.t.e. now has some more tickets available for the July 7 show in Oxford! Hurry! {thanks to Jose Alberto}

We’ve also learned that the Zodiac Club in Oxford will begin selling 2000 tickets at the club starting at noon until 6pm this Saturday. The reason more tickets are going to be available locally is best summed up by club manager Nick Moorbath:

“A lot of people have been phoning up to say that they are still trying to get hold of tickets, so we are pleased that a new public entertainment licence has been allowed, which means we can increase the capacity by another 2,000. Selling the tickets locally should mean that they go to local people, and that keeps the amount of traffic down.”

Fans need to turn up in person and there will be a limit of four tickets to each buyer in a bid to stop touts. {thanks to Michael}

By Jonathan

New York, NY