Radiohead invited to join Ralph Nader and others at Campus Greens Rally in Chicago

We have gotten word that Radiohead has been invited to be one of the performers at the Campus Greens Rally for Radical Change held at Chicago’s Congress Theater on August 10, 2001. Here’s the details:

Confirmed speakers and performers include Ralph Nader, Winona LaDuke, Robert Miranda and Jello Biafra.
Invited speakers and performers include Cynthia McKinney, Howard Zinn, Michael Moore, Amy Goodman, Ani Difranco, Radiohead, Common, Chuck D, Zach de la Rocha, and many, many more!

It is important to note that Radiohead has been invited and has not confirmed to show. For more information about the Campus Greens, click here. For more info about the Green Party, click here. More info to come soon… {thanks to Mikeestylee}

Travis discuss being compared to Radiohead
In an interview with MSN, Travis are asked about being compared to Radiohead:

It seems like ever since Radiohead has gotten huge, British bands can’t escape the comparisons to them. Does this bother you?
Fran: Listen, man, I’m telling you now, in fifty years time it won’t matter. People just compare you with what’s out there. I mean it’s really flattering to be compared to an amazing band like Radiohead.

Read the rest of the interview.{thanks to Daniel}

By Jonathan

New York, NY