Amnesiac Phil Selway Radiohead tour

Attention Canadian Radiohead fans!

JAM! Music is running a contest to send two people to Los Angeles (airfare, accomodation, concert tickets and ground transportation to the show) to catch Radiohead’s final tour stop at the Hollywood Bowl. There’s also a bunch of cool runner-up prizes. The contest is open to Canadian fans only. For more info, go to
Interview with Phil
Then It Must Be True has an interview with Phil Selway for your reading pleasure.
Knives Out 2CD
EIL currently has the “Knives Out” UK 6-track 2-CD set up on their site. Here’s the tracklisting:

1. Knives Out
2. Cut Tooth
3. Life In A Glass House (Full Length)
1. Knives Out
2. Worrywort
3. Fog

“Fog” is what was used to be called “Alligators in New York Sewers.”