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Strung Out On OK Computer

There is a tribute to OK Computer that is being released by Vitamin Records titled “Strung Out On OK Computer: The String Quartet Tribute to Radiohead” on October 23. For more information, read the press release.
Thom and Ed on KROQ
KROQ has an excerpt of their interview with Thom and Ed Online.
Knives Out video
In case you haven’t seen the full “Knives Out” video yet, HMV has it for your Online viewing pleasure.
When the news slows down, this is what you get…
Third Eye Blind’s Stephen Jenkins recently mentioned Radiohead in an interview he did with MTV:

“I feel like I’ve come out of my dark period,” he said. “I feel really romantic about the life that I’m living again and everything seems fresh and exciting. I heard Thom Yorke [of Radiohead] say he wasn’t interested in rock anymore. Well I am, and I’m still moved by it. I’m interested in creating these musical emotions and conditions that are real, and that you can step into.”

Read the rest of the article… {thanks to JibsnotJobs}