Amnesiac Radiohead

New Radiohead video

There is apparently a new Radiohead video that has been made by Johnny Hardstaff. The following information is from Creative Base:

Having quickly established himself as one of the most interesting new directors to emerge in the last year, it’s unsurprising that Johnny Hardstaff landed one of the most sought-after commissions in town: a video for Radiohead.

The track is close to eight minutes long, a combination of Push Pulk and Like Spinning Plates, from the band’s Amnesiac album.

Opening on a black screen, brief flashes of the white markings of killer whales flit in and out of view, before the video cuts to a diagram of mind-jarring complexity, the line drawings of a complex machine of indeterminate purpose. Hardstaff’s signature graphic style is exploited to full disturbing effect as the camera pans along more complex diagrams detailing various elevations of threatening machinery, tools and implements. As a huge white machine is examined from every angle some kind of medical purpose becomes apparent: something is being closely monitored. Our attention is gradually drawn to the focus of all this technology, a small cylindrical chamber containing a pair of Siamese twins, joined at the pelvis and held fast by straps around their abdomen. As the rotating capsule slows down to a halt, their evident distress tears at your heart strings, and soon the centrifuge starts spinning again as the machine continues its obscure task. The final sequence shows the result of the distressing treatment, as the babies’ chest strains and distends, before the delicate white ribcage emerges, its fragility emphasised by the distinctive blue Wedgwood pattern it bears.

You can read the full article here and see some screen shots here.
{thanks to Andrew}