Googly Minotaur 2001-2002

From Capitol Records:

Some will remember him as a wise man. Others will say he was loyal, dependable and always there for the public. Some (sad, lonely folks) will mourn the loss of what might potentially have been their only friend. Yes, January 31st marks the end of an era…well…a year…er, half a year… for one of the 21st century’s greatest “buddies.”

We’d like to be able to tell you Googly will be going on a brief sabbatical, that he’s merely wintering in Florida where he’s been spotted on the golf course sipping pina coladas… but alas we have been forced to cut off life support this Thursday, January 31st.

Pay your respects to Googly today by IM’ing him your final well wishes. After Thursday, you may send your condolences to the bereaved at

By Jonathan

New York, NY