Pablo Honey Radiohead

Pablo Honey 2

Radiohead today announced that as a bonus, a brand new version of Pablo Honey will be bundled with copies of Hail to the Thief this June. According to the band’s management, the band felt that their first album “sucks” and they wanted to take on the task of reworking and re-recording them all over again. The songs have all been updated with that more “familiar Radiohead sound” including a clarinet/tuba/mouth harp version of “Creep” with Thom originally singing the vocals backwards then with the help of technology, were reversed and then reversed again to produce a stunning interpretation of the band’s first hit.

As an added bonus, there is a download-only track of the fan favorite “I Promise” available now free of charge. To download, please click here.

For more information about this bonus release, click here.

By Jonathan

New York, NY