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Radiohead vs Ride in football

We were sent a clip from an upcoming documentary about the Oxford music scene called “Local Support.” Jon Spira, the creator of the documentary, explains the clip:

I’m currently in post production on a feature length documentary I’m making about the history of the Oxford music scene. Obviously Radiohead feature quite prominently in it and have been very supportive, I’ve interviewed Ed, Colin and their manager Chris Hufford at length about their early days. I’ve put an interesting outtake up on youtube from my interview with Nigel Powell.

Anyway, I just thought you’d like to know, the film will talk about the band’s origins in their own words and those of their friends/contemporaries. If all things go to plan, there should be some mouthwatering unseen archival footage too.

There is a facebook group to stay up to date on all the news at…

Check out the clip below, where Nigel remembers a football match between members of Radiohead and another Oxford band you should know, Ride.