What we know and don’t know about “These Are My Twisted Words”

We have listened to “These Are My Twisted Words” about 100 times since it was leaked out yesterday. It’s pretty amazing. As of now, there still hasn’t been a peep from the band so we thought we’d post what we know and don’t know.

The track, along with a nfo file, was first uploaded to the site yesterday by a user named “crza” who had never uploaded anything before in the year he’s been a member. Shortly after this was uploaded, a post was made to the message board at At Ease and from there it spread across the internet.

In the nfo file, “Wall of Ice” is referenced. This is also seen in the file name of the mp3 as “woi”. What does it mean? Is it the name of a forthcoming EP or album by Radiohead? Is it inspired by this web comic? Is it merely the name of the crew/clan/scene group/whatever you call them that the uploader crza belongs to?

The ripper is listed as “sca[GG]er” while “racy251” is credited as created the ascii art.

Also in the nfo file is a release date of August 17, 2009. What is going to happen, if anything, on this date is anyone’s guess. Maybe this is when “These Are My Twisted Words” was intended to be released? Or maybe there will be additional tracks on this day? Questions, questions…

People are speculating that this track is the one that will be in the new Twilight movie. As you may know, Thom is supposedly contributing a song to the soundtrack. While it’s possible (anything is possible!), we seriously doubt it. First off, this clearly sounds like a Radiohead song, not a Thom Yorke solo song. That’s obviously Phil drumming and Jonny playing guitar and the ambience screams Radiohead.

In the recent interview Thom gave The Believer, he mentioned that they have a “good plan” for future releases. It’s possible that this is part of that plan.

All in all, we can only speculate at the moment about what is happening. While it’s unlikely, this could still all be an elaborate hoax of some sort.

What are your feelings about the song? Do you like it? Feel free to comment or join the conversation at our message board, Mortigi Tempo.

Listen to “These Are My Twisted Words”

By Jonathan

New York, NY