Thom Yorke

Thom on “The Age of Stupid”

Thom wrote on DAS this week about his part in the upcoming film, The Age of Stupid. He writes:

there is a film that is getting a lot of attention call Aged of Stupid. i’ve seen it and it stays with you-
especially in light of the Copenhagen summit coming up in December where our glorious leaders must decide how we structure our plans to tackle climate change.

The global premier of it will happen on the 21st of september or 22nd depending on your time zone.
There are cinemas participating in over 50 countries – If you want to be part of it, you can buy a ticket for the one nearest to you by going to the age of stupid website

After the screening, there will be live discussion thing via global satellite link up and after that I will be playing Reckoner live from an undisclosed location. (!)

By Jonathan

New York, NY