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Interview with Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus

Steve Ellison, aka Flying Lotus, recently sat down with The Quietus to talk about his latest album, Cosmogramma. Also talked about was Thom Yorke’s involvement on one of the songs:

So. Thom Yorke is on Cosmogramma – guess I’d better ask, how did that come about?

SE: He had heard some stuff from a while back, and Radiohead commissioned me to do a remix for their Reckoning thing. I met up with Thom once after that. It was brief but really cool. We didn’t speak much about continuing the work, but I remember thinking how cool it would be if I could get him on the record. Mary-Anne Hobbs is a friend of his, and I think she encouraged it – so he hit me up, got in touch that day and asked me to send some tunes. I sent him a folder, and two days later I had the song in my email, with all these parts to work with. It was really cool, super-chilled out, considering what a big star he is. I’m really thankful, because the universe he’s created is a very special one, and he doesn’t invite many people into it.

What is the song about? Did you discuss with him what the lyrics might be about?

SE: He used the title I gave him [‘…And The World Laughs With You’]– that was another super-crazy thing. It meant a lot to me, the song title. That tune comes from a fucking tough time in my life. It’s like, as the song says, laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry, and you cry alone. At the time I was really feeling that. People don’t really care to be around when you’re going through tough times. No–one really know what you’re going through.

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