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Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Radiohead is releasing a newspaper

The Universal SighIf you haven’t heard, Radiohead will be distributing a free newspaper at 61 locations worldwide to promote the physical release of the King of Limbs, which comes out on Monday everywhere except North America, which must wait until Tuesday. The band have worked with long time collaborator and artist, Stanley Donwood, to produce a wholly undigital ink-and-paper handout called the Universal Sigh.

From the band:

The Radiohead album ‘The King of Limbs’ will be available for purchase in all good record stores everywhere on Monday 28th March, except in the United States of America and in Canada, where for reasons beyond the purview of this writer it will be available from Tuesday 29th March. On VINYL! On COMPACT DISC! As a DOWNLOAD!

To commemorate this momentous occasion, Radiohead have produced a newspaper which will be given away, free, gratis, without cost to the consumer by accredited vendors from a multitude of locations WORLDWIDE! In the USA, in the Netherlands, in Belgium, Poland, Germany, Austria, in the Czech Republic, in Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Ireland, France, Italy, Slovakia, Finland, Greece, Norway, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Australia, Latvia, Iceland, Romania, New Zealand, the UK and a load of other places around the globe, our dedicated teams of newspaper delivery people will be handing out copies of  THE UNIVERSAL SIGH to anyone who wants one, until we run out!

In conjunction with this unbelievable offer, Radiohead have established THE UNIVERSAL SIGH as a website on the internet, where details of your nearest vendor can be found, as well as more informations and a photogallery where we will be posting photos and the lucky owners of the gratis tabloid are invited to post pictures of themselves and their friends reading the newspaper in locations diverse and unusual. There will be other stuff too, but we haven’t thought of it yet.

More information can be found at

Radiohead points out the following important info:

This newspaper IS NOT the newspaper that accompanies the Newspaper Album version of The King of Limbs.

This event WILL NOT be repeated.


This event IS NOT a live performance by Radiohead.

The Universal SighFor a peek at the newspaper, a copy has turned up on eBay, of course. An interesting note in the auction description mentions that you’ll receive a unique code with the newspaper. What you can do with that code remains a mystery. Some think that it could unlock more songs/content from a website. Perhaps a second half to the King of Limbs that has been rumored ever since the album was released? Who knows.

What do you think? Knowing Radiohead, anything is possible at this point.

Let us know in the comments your thoughts and if you’re planning on trying to snag a copy!

UPDATE: More photos of the newspaper can be seen here.