Radiohead tour

Australian shows sell out in seconds, Scalpers having a field day

Scalpers selling tickets on eBay

A huge debacle occurred today when tickets for the Radiohead shows in Australia went on sale. All tickets for the 5 Radiohead shows sold out in “instantly” after they went on sale at 9 am this morning, leading many fans without a way to see the band unless they shell out big bucks to purchase tickets through sites like eBay. Already scalpers have started posting auctions trying to get top dollar for tickets.

Speaking to the Herald Sun, tour promoter Chugg Entertainment had this to say:

“We are doing what we can to police this, but unfortunately for all of the deterrents that we are able to put in place (like the additional terms and conditions of sale) it is difficult for promoters, ticketing agencies and venues to enforce.”

In addition, Chugg has threatened to cancel scalped tickets:

“As you can see when you go on to eBay, professional scalpers list tickets with vague details on seating locations but rarely ever get specific about seat or ticket numbers, as this information would allow us to track who they are and cancel their tickets.  We are regularly scanning listings to look for tickets that we are able to cancel and will continue to do so up until the tour.”

Did you try and get tickets this morning? Were you successful?


By Jonathan

New York, NY