Jonny on the News/Sinfonetta concert to be broadcast.

Graeme wrote in a short while ago to tell us this…

Jonny’s work with the Sinfonetta was being reviewed on Newsnight. They had some fabulous footage of the rehearsals – the small orchestra making very Jonny-esque noises seemly at random, despite being conducted, while Jonny sat on the floor hunched over a notepad frantically scribbling things down. The reviewers spent a few hours in rehearsals and despite thinking it was “beyond them” musically they seemed very impressed and quite fascinated. They commented specifically on Jonny’s ability to built up a semingly random siren-type sound and then resolve it into a beautiful, peaceful moment.

It was also revealed on Newsnight that tomorrow’s London Sinfonetta concert will be broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on June 24th.
(Thanks to Graeme.)


Channel 4’s poll causes OK Computer to jump up the charts

Apparently, a whole lot of Channel 4 viewers were surprised by OK Computer‘s “best album of all time” ranking. Amazon notes that OKC jumped hundreds of places to land at #14 on the top-selling albums list immediately following the program.
So if you don’t see your neighbor for a few days, and when you finally do, his eyes are all glazed over and he’s talking about having “seen the light”, pat him on the back, smile, and remember when OK Computer blew your mind for the first time. Lucky duckies, these newbies.


Complete Radiohead catalog available on War Child.

At Ease reports that War Child Music has every single Radiohead track ever (except for some of the Pablo Honey singles) available for download on their website. Roughly 1/5th of the cost goes to charity, so this is a great way to make good on all of those b-sides you downloaded- “but…but the CD’s out of print” no longer cuts it.
Go to War Child Music for the goods, but be warned that most of the tracks aren’t Mac-friendly.
(Thanks to At Ease.)


UPDATED: Trade Justice Rally bootlegs surface…sort of.

Bootleg recordings of Thom’s solo set at the Trade Justice Rally have surfaced…with a few catches.
The sound quality’s not so good, the songs aren’t all complete, and, most irritatingly, the two new songs are not being shared. I’m not sure what the issue is, but I certainly hope it’s not some psycho-fan sitting in his house quivering with excitement over the fact that he’s the only one with recordings of the new stuff. That would just be mean, and I’d like to hold on to my impression of Radiohead fans as some of the most generous, sharing-inclined people on Earth.
Check your favorite message board (I like MT, personally, but knock yourself out either way) or file-sharing program for the links…they’re out there.
UPDATE: Feel free to restore your faith in humanity…turns out there’s no hoarding at all, but the nice lady that recorded them is having problems with her (borrowed) camera phone and its associated memory card. She’s working on getting everything uploaded as we speak.
See, I knew you guys were ace…shouldn’t have doubted.
(Thanks to Flan for writing in.)


NME reveals new song titles.

Shaz writes in to let us know that NME says the “old song” played at the Trade Justice Movement rally was ‘Glass Flowers’, and the “new song” is called ‘House of Cards’. Still no word on any recordings, but we’ve got our ears peeled.
(Thanks Shaz.)


Thom plays new song at Trade Justice Rally

The Trade Justice Movement rally, held to address the long-standing issue of poorer countries getting the shaft in trading deals (find out more about this very big problem here), took place last night. As previously reported, Thom and Ed both took part in the protest, and Thom played a brand new song (as well as an old one which has yet to be named) during a five-song acoustic set.
The setlist was:
1. Old Song
2. New Song
3. Big Ideas
4. No Surprises
5. Reckoner
No word on whether or not anyone happened to be recording, but we’ll let you know if we find out.