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Review of 7 Worlds Collide: Phil Sings!

The New Zealand Herald has posted up a review of the first night of 7 World’s Collide, a series of live performances Neil Finn has put on for Oxfam. Radiohead’s Ed and Phil, who took part in Finn’s 2001 version of 7 Worlds Collide, came again to lend their support. Other artists there include Jeff Tweedy, KT Tunstall, Don McGlashan, Bic Runga, Liam Finn, among others.

The second half largely belonged to a combination of the Wilco and Radiohead songbook, a match seemingly made in rock-crit heaven.
It also provided the night’s biggest wobble. Finn snr wrestled manfully with the vocal to Radiohead’s Bodysnatchers, but couldn’t quite pin Thom Yorke’s original hyperventilations over its monster riff. Not one for the live concert DVD perhaps.

Radiohead’s drummer Phil Selway delivered one of the night’s nicest surprises in what was his live singing debut of a rather lovely self-penned song destined for the album.

Read the full review here.
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Ed O'Brien Phil Selway

Ed and Phil to perform with Neil Finn

Neil FinnOld news, we know:

GP reader Simeon sent us the following:

Amazing musicians coming together in 3 New Zealand concerts including Radiohead members (from Concerts are 5, 6 and 7 January at The Powerstation in Auckland. Post if your interested:

Neil Finn announces new Seven Worlds Collide project
Music icon and Crowded House frontman Neil Finn has today announced a follow up to the acclaimed Seven Worlds Collide project, and together with members of the original lineup and other artists, he will record an album of entirely new material in support of Oxfam.

“Seven years ago I invited a few friends and fellow musicians to do a special series of concerts in New Zealand under the banner Seven Worlds Collide. The concerts were an amazing experience for all of us and we are delighted to have found an opportunity to gather again, this time to expand the concept and the lineup too,” said Finn. “What will make these sessions particularly meaningful is that all the proceeds of this recording will go to support the continuing great work of Oxfam International.”

Taking part from the original Seven Worlds Collide lineup will be Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien and Phil Selway, guitar supremo Johnny Marr founder of The Smiths and current member of US alternative rock innovators Modest Mouse, Soul Coughing bassist Sebastian Steinberg, songwriter and violinist Lisa Germano, and Liam Finn. Other artists joining the project include Jeff Tweedy, John Stirrat, Glenn Kotche and Pat Sansone from Wilco, and New Zealand songwriters Bic Runga and Don McGlashan. Behind the mixing desk will be master recording engineer Jim Scott. More names will be added to the lineup in the coming weeks.

“We are honoured to be working with Neil and so many other talented and committed artists on this project, many of whom have supported Oxfam over a number of years,” said Oxfam New Zealand Executive Director Barry Coates. “At a time when the number of people living in extreme poverty is growing, funds generated from this project will be urgently directed to those in need, providing opportunities and hope for a better future.”

The album will be recorded over the next few months in Auckland’s Roundhead Studios and is due for release in 2009.

Like its predecessor, the project will also see a series of concerts featuring many of the artists included in the lineup. The shows will take place in Auckland early in the New Year. Details will be announced soon.

“Everyone is really excited about coming together again with a few new faces and extending the magic we created with Seven Worlds the first time round,” added Finn. “With such an amazing group of people, I’m excited about the music we’ll be making.”

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New Album News

BBC 6 Music has news of Radiohead’s next album. The article states that the band are in the process of writing a new album, with Colin saying that they would be heading back in to the studio after they have completed their current world tour.

Ed chimed in: “We’re still talking about doing some stuff and we’re really excited about it. First we came off tour to do some writing and we wanted to just carry on doing it because it was so brilliant.”

We completely agree with Stereogum in that this article was written pretty poorly and has since sparked other sites to misinterpert the news. Case in the point: Variety is reporting that the band have already finished most of the album and will finish it off in Japan. This is from a quote that Colin said in the 6 Music article: “We’ve finished the main bulk of it and we’re off to Japan in a couple of weeks to finish it off.”

Colin is talking about the tour, not the album. We all know that the band have been on tour for a good chunk of 2008 and while it’s possible that they could be sneaking off to studios here and there, it’s very unlikely.

Anyway, it’s exciting to know that another album will happen and that the band are excited about it. It’s just not going to happen as quickly as 6 Music misinterpreted it to be.

Read more at Stereogum

Ed O'Brien In Rainbows Radiohead tour

Interview with Ed at Lollapalooza

For your Tuesday enjoyment:

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Colin Greenwood Ed O'Brien Radiohead

Radiohead vs Ride in football

We were sent a clip from an upcoming documentary about the Oxford music scene called “Local Support.” Jon Spira, the creator of the documentary, explains the clip:

I’m currently in post production on a feature length documentary I’m making about the history of the Oxford music scene. Obviously Radiohead feature quite prominently in it and have been very supportive, I’ve interviewed Ed, Colin and their manager Chris Hufford at length about their early days. I’ve put an interesting outtake up on youtube from my interview with Nigel Powell.

Anyway, I just thought you’d like to know, the film will talk about the band’s origins in their own words and those of their friends/contemporaries. If all things go to plan, there should be some mouthwatering unseen archival footage too.

There is a facebook group to stay up to date on all the news at…

Check out the clip below, where Nigel remembers a football match between members of Radiohead and another Oxford band you should know, Ride.

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Thom and Ed Interviewed by A.V. Club

There’s a fantastic interview with Thom and Ed on the A.V. Club website. Towards the end of the interview, Thom drops a hint that a new album may come sooner than we think. Here’s an excerpt:

AVC: Has anything new come out of the band being together, and playing together, on this tour?
TY: We get to hang out with each other; it’s a bit of a novelty. We don’t see each other that much when we’re not doing this.
EO: That’s the great thing about doing this sort of thing—we get to spend some time together, socializing.
TY: Jonny and I spend quite a bit of time going through half-finished things and deliberately forcing ourselves to finish them so we can get them to the others. I’m getting a buzz out of that—this thing, “Slave,” that I was playing for Ed the other day.
EO: That’s right. It’s quite good.
TY: I’ll send it home to Nigel [Godrich] tonight to mix. Honestly, I could probably use a full day doing it, but you’re in unusual places and want to get out. You don’t want to stay in the hotel all day; it becomes a little too much for me. It’s a little bit more than I can stand. In the end, when we’re back from this tour, I’ll probably think, “I really should have spent every day finishing stuff.”
EO: He’s finished quite a bit, though.
TY: I’m doing all right. I’m finishing what I want to finish.
AVC: Sounds like fans might not have to wait another four years for the next record.
TY: We try to keep the momentum of the operation going. Lots of times, if you stop too long, there’s no momentum and it takes a lot to pick it back up again. We’ve had such a positive response to this. We’re human; we lose our confidence far too quickly. It’s nice to have our confidence. That’s the biggest influence on things at the moment, being reasonably confident for a change.

Read the full interview at the A.V. Club.
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