In Rainbows Radiohead tour

Radiohead Tour: Last night in Tampa

Photo courtesy of Gogdog @ flickr

Radiohead played to a packed crowed last night in Tampa, Florida. Here’s the setlist:

01 All I Need
02 There There
03 Lucky
04 Bangers + Mash
05 15 Step
06 Nude
07 Pyramid Song
08 Optimistic
09 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
10 National Anthem
11 Idioteque
12 You And Whose Army?
13 Reckoner
14 Everything In Its Right Place
15 Airbag
16 Bodysnatchers
17 Videotape
18 The Gloaming
19 The Tourist
20 Just
21 Faust Arp
22 Exit Music (For A Film)
23 The Bends
24 House Of Cards

Next stop for the band will be tomorrow night in Atlanta.

In Rainbows Radiohead

Radiohead named in the 2008 Time 100

radiohead.jpgRadiohead has been named as one of the most influential people in Time magazine’s annual Top 100 list. Warner Music Group’s Edgar Bronfman, Jr penned the article, which appears after the Steve Jobs one. Amusing, huh?

Bronfman writes:
“When the British rock band Radiohead announced that In Rainbows would be made available online directly to consumers at whatever price they wanted to pay, many said it signaled the end of the world’s major music labels. As the CEO of one of them, I may surprise you by saying that in some ways, they were right. The traditional record-label business model—the one based on controlling access and distribution—is dead.”

You can read the full article here.
(thanks to Kenton)

In Rainbows Radiohead tour

Radiohead begins 2008 North American tour

Photo courtesy of laurat @ flickr

In case you weren’t aware, Radiohead started their North American tour last night at the Cruzan Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, Florida. Here’s the setlist:

01 All I Need
02 Bodysnatchers
03 There There
04 Reckoner
05 The Gloaming
06 Morning Bell
07 Nude
08 How To Disappear Completely
09 15 Step
10 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
11 Idioteque
12 Bullet Proof… I Wish I Was
13 Where I End And You Begin
14 Airbag
15 Everything In Its Right Place
16 The National Anthem
17 Videotape
18 Optimistic
19 Just
20 Faust Arp
21 Exit Music (For A Film)
22 Bangers + Mash
23 House Of Cards
24 Street Spirit (Fade Out)

For a full discussion of last night’s happenings, you should check out our message board.

Tonight the band heads to Tampa to play Ford Amphitheatre. Join the discussion about this show here.
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In Rainbows Radiohead

Watch Radiohead’s performance on Conan

In case you missed Radiohead’s performance of “House of Cards” last night on Conan, here you go.

Make sure to recycle your shopping bags, people.

In Rainbows Radiohead

Radiohead on Conan O’Brien

Okay, sort of. Brooklyn Vegan reports:

One of the biggest bands in the world, Radiohead, will make an exclusive appearance on NBC’s “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” Wednesday April 23 (12:35-1:35am ET).

The band – who made their network television debut on “Late Night” and were O’Brien’s first-ever musical guest in 1993 – has recorded an exclusive live performance from their critically acclaimed and record-industry-paradigm-shifting release “In Rainbows” to air on O’Brien’s contribution to NBC’s “Green Week” of environmentally conscious programming.

Recorded live in London, Radiohead’s performance of “House of Cards,” represents an ongoing effort by the socially conscious band to act in the greenest manner possible. By opting to record this exclusive performance rather than fly over for a one-off appearance, the band – as frontman Thom Yorke notes in the introduction to their performance – avoided leaving a carbon footprint equivalent to driving one’s car for a solid year.

Other guests on “Late Night’s” “Green” show are a bit more literal – “Robot Chicken” creator and actor Seth GREEN and “Today” show travel editor Peter GREENberg.

Here’s a YouTube video of that 1993 performance:

In Rainbows Radiohead

Radiohead’s “House of Cards” used in NBA commerical

Check it: